Monday, May 28, 2012


Get the fucking hint!

When the elite of your player-base is a bunch of circle-jerking little Windower shits who take great pleasure in basically raping the remainder of the player base of their game experience (much less human decency), how do you expect Square-Enix, a JAPANESE company, to treat you?

Like human beings, or like the sheep you are??

For those not clear:

Sounds like the latest thing that's gotten the American players up in arms is that the "Random Draw" to be held in a month at VanaFest 2012 is supposed to have quite a number of wonderful in-game prizes:

It appears as if, for 500 yen, you can draw for a whole bunch of wonderful prizes, not un-akin to the Mog Bonanza prizes (the bitchers completely forget that there will be a Nomad Mog Bonanza -- or at least they said one would be!! -- at the event), including relic, mythic, and Empyrian weapon coupons, the big Voidwatch drops, etc.  (And a whole lot of junk too, but hey...)

Well, cue the bitching (this is not counting the JP players who apparently have contributed 40 pages of their own on the JP side of matters -- mostly as to say it's probably RMT (and who would be surprised at that?)) on the US side of things:

Kimble from Sylph on FFXIAH:  "Giving away event items that in no way influence game play is one thing. Selling elite level items for only one group of people is totally different."

Do you honestly believe that SE is not openly trying to slant the balance of power further in the favor of the player-base they do respect, rather than one they obviously do not?

You also don't think that this isn't why there are so many "PS2 Limitations"?

Look, the only reason I play this game now is that it's getting far too unsafe to walk into the shit ghetto my city is turning in to.

And reading over much of the first several pages of the FFXIAH thread, it's obvious to me that it's not that it's JP ONRY that is getting most of the Americans pissed, it's that it excludes the Americans.

You know why?

Because, as a culture, AMERICAN -- GAMERS -- SUCK!!

You figured that out yet?  I told that to you the day of the Salvage bans.  You don't think Square-Enix hasn't figured it out and made their corporate strategy accordingly?

THEY DON'T LIKE YOU.  They just need your money to keep XIV afloat.

A Canadian player:  Ryuotas from Odin, stumbles upon one of the main reasons why:  "Do people really want the end-all, be-all items of the game handed to them on a platter, wrapped in a bow, with a courtesy card and various cologne samples attached? So what if someone else gets an Empyrean, Relic, or even Mythic without working for it? Spend less time worrying about the affairs of others, and more about your own."

I'd say most American gamers do.  That's why they look for illegal shortcuts like Windower and Clipper and all the stuff which is the only way you can get to about floor 60 in NeoNyzul.

Most Japanese, culturally, may NOT!  I am still reminded when Japan made a version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", and got criticized by a lot of Japanese about giving away that kind of money (I believe the top prize was 10,000,000 yen.) for that little of "work"...

That might be part of the difference between the cultures -- I mean, 0/500+ is Working As Intended, remember?

So, going to the official forums, Dathus from Siren, on the FOURTH POST, openly advertises an RMT solution to this:  "Anyone going to Vana'Fest and wants to make a couple bucks?"


Why not just state like I did a year ago:  "Please delete my account!"?  At least I was trying to do it to make a fucking point.  Your excuse?

"I wanna make a couple bucks..."


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