Saturday, August 25, 2012

And it appears that BG only needed TWENTY-SIX MINUTES to shoot down his claim...

In a post marked 7:10 AM this morning on BluGartr, Kamugi from BluGartr identifies himself as the player from the Official Forums (Kaerin from Odin) who made the claim I referenced to in the last post.  He then posts a link to the video, sped up 4X...

29 minutes later, pchan refutes it, on some level:

"Lol you must me the most retarded player and butthurt one I've seen on both BG and the OF. You pretend to post a video when all you do is lock your SCH at the rune of transfer for the whole run, not showing a single lamp order floor (as I asked in my 5xmarrow offer), and expect me to take you seriously ?"

( Actually, pchan, your initial offer was any F100 clear legal.  But he is right, the guy tries to get away with being the Embrava SCH/rune activator on this.)

But here's the great punchline!!!!  He can't even get away with THAT!!!

3 minutes earlier, only TWENTY-SIX MINUTES after the link was posted, FantasticDan disqualifies the run completely!!!

"Define "without cheating"? People are using ja0wait in your video (which is probably with clipper, so who's to say they also aren't moving around at 125% movement speed or whatever?), and I don't see how you can guarantee people aren't using apradar/.dat swaps.

I know one of the players in your group(unless the account has been sold), and he was a very avid user of "3rd party tools" to say the least. I would find it very hard to believe he isn't using clipper/.dat swaps/apradar."

But then Kaerin claims that he only needed to prove no .dat swaps:

"You said post a video of you winning without dat swaps or flee hacking, I did. Sorry about the lamp order floor though, that must be in the second run. And as per Pchans statements "windower and stuff is ok, but no flee hacks or fillmode or dat swaps" which we didn't use. And ya, Youtube limits your videos length, so it had to be 1 video, sped up. And as I originally said many months ago, you cant know that no one else is cheating unless you have all 6 people record and upload a video, and you said that wasnt required, just 1 person would be fine. Well, there's one of my videos, the two of them will meet your expectations for what you wanted, and what you ask for, and what you offered 5 umbral marrows for. The other video will be a bit though, it takes a long time to do this crap."

Well, if pchan said that Windower was OK, then his whole premise is irrelevant, because the entire premise of this situation is to prove a LEGAL Floor 100 clear.  Even Windower renders that disqualified.

Let's take a look at the two 5-Marrow claims.  They are slightly different.

The FIRST claim, which I mentioned on June 28th (and was made some time before then!), was as follows:

"Haha you lose. I'm giving 5 of my 171 marrows to anyone posting their own self made video of a cheat-less F100 Neo Nyzul clear. Come on, show us your mad skillz."

The SECOND claim, which I mentioned on July 21st, was as follows:

"I'm still offering 5 umbral marrow to anyone proving me with a video that they won nyzul SE's client and with at least one order lamp floor with 5 lamps."

JA0Wait = BUZZER !!!!

JA0Wait means they could not have used the Vanilla Client (by FantasticDan's own knowledge!), and it's not cheatless.

It fails both claims on that regard alone.

And, in fact, I can redouble that!

Watch his video again, and go to his Floor 40 clear.  (He actually lands on a boss at 40.)  At 2:51 of his video, a bunch of red text is shown in the upper left-hand quadrant of his screen a few seconds before his L40 clear.

*insert "The Price is Right"'s Loser Horns right here please...*


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