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Livestream of Adoulin blog

8:04 Starts with overview of town of Adoulin.  East Adoulin first -- castle into main part.

East Adoulin music:  "Sacred City of Adoulin"

Large zone.

8:06 Huge statue of Altana with a waterfall.  Nice early landmark for first visits.

Large circular library -- can be explored in the Adoulin storyline.

So large of a zone, it has multiple waypoints.  Walking will be an issue.

8:08 And then to West Adoulin...

Music:  "The Pioneers"

Center square for a nice meeting point (that's so 2006 or so!)...

Absolute ton of waypoints...

Auction Houses in Adoulin are linked up with the main Auction House.

8:10 Starts discussing Coalitions (the six "guilds" which were mentioned at VanaFest 2012) by visiting the Pioneering Coalition building.

Pioneering Coalition is basically Colonization assignments in the Ubulka Continent.

And we leave Adoulin to the west (two nice Galkas at the gate for Tohi!)...

8:12 And the rest of the Community Team joins Camate in the Frontier Station.  Kind of like an Outpost front line for the Colonization Coalition.

Bivouacs can be built to extend the line and create bonuses.  Gather supplies, ease of transport, etc.

Bayohne:  Galka GEO
Rukirii:  Mithra DRG
Okuipuit:  Tarutaru RUN
Camate:  Forgot (Elvan)

8:15  Battle Time!

Start by looking at Geomancer.

RUN gets Flash as a pulling mechanism.

Two different kinds of runes -- they DO stack with BRD songs or other Magic.

Indi-spells are cast on self to do a bubble.

First one shown is Indi-Fury -- gives everyone inside the bubble a Fury (probably increased attack, decreased defense).

Geo-spells use the Loupans to create a bubble around a spot.

Geo-Paralysis is the example shown -- all opponents in the circle are subject to paralyzation.

4 person-120 XP for the first one.

Only one active Luopan at a time, so Full Circle eliminates.

You can also enfeeble a single opponent with an Indi (Indi-Slow) spell and then a beneficial Loupan (Geo-Refresh).

However, such an Indi-spell will only effect monsters of whom you have hate with.

Luopans can take damage and also lose HP over time.

A Geomancer can use Life Cycle to heal a Luopan (just like Spirit Link in DRG), and another ability (Ecliptic Attrition) will allow the GEO to increase the effect strength at the cost of increased decay.

A party of 4 99's can chain on the Blanched Mandragoras shown...  :)

8:22 Bit deeper in now.

New one:  Fernfelling Chapuli.


Elemental ra-magic is demonstrated here.  It's elemental magic centered on the caster, rather than on the mob.

8:26 Now, it's time to go to Reives.  (What I called "Besieged in Reverse" last year.)

3 kinds:


We'll see two of them -- first, a Lair Reive.

Campaign type tags, but this one is actually easy to jump in and join.  Run in and get started.

However:  You get a penalty (no entering a Reive for 10 minutes) for leaving.

Lair Reives is basically to destroy certain things -- like a Wasp Nest for a bug lair.

Rewards contingent on participation, like Besieged and Campaign.  XP, another point-type based thing for Adoulin (bayld is apparently what it is called).

8:31  To the next zone...

Environmental blockages shown now.  Colonization Reive this time.

Good idea to clear the area out BEFORE you deal with the blockage.

Indi-Attribute spells shown.

Nice battle music for the Reive.  :)

Colonization Reives open up pathways and open up the ability to use Bivouacs.

You need actual Skills to open up the blockages once you clear the way to attack them.

8:36 Time for Rune Fencer.

To the Morimar Basalt Fields.

RUN gets many of the same buffs that you might expect for a PLD-type job.

Also gets Spikes spells too!

RUN-exclusive spell, not revealed as to what:  Foil.

Opponent:  Sinewy Morimata.

RUN is the new tank spell -- harnesses power of runes.

Runes can be used like Finishing Moves on a DNC.

Releasing runes can be done in two ways:  One is Fusion...  That's elemental damage.

Gambit reduces elemental defense.

Swordplay shown -- increases accuracy and attack until the next critical hit is scored against the Rune Fencer -- which won't happen, because they have GM Invincible on.

Valiance:  Reduces damage from elemental spells of certain types the runes used determine.

Liemont:  Absorbs elemental damage of certain types the runes used determine.

8:43 Last destination of the stream.

The Aydeewa Subterrane????

A cool surprise:  The Music Box Bonus item...

Just played the Music Box from this zone...

They then show the bonus items for the Ultimate Collection - Seekers Collection.

End of stream.

Not much to the actual stream itself.  Good introduction for people who haven't been keeping up.  Some stuff for the other people.

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