Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More evidence that Windower is Cheater for "Hack My Computer To Pieces"

You know, there's a reason Square-Enix never has explicitly allowed Windower, and some details which have been leaked out about the next version of the cheating piece of hack-ware (v 4.0) shows it well.

(Hat tip to my usual friends who keep an eye on such things so I don't have to all the time!)

It turns out that the usual pieces of shit who make this crap have added all sorts of tracking devices, so that anyone who can really monitor the stuff (including RMT who are already on the prowl, according to at least one player who got hacked waiting for his Mog Bonanza numbers last night!) not only the IP you are playing FFXI from, but the unique identification number of your computer.

Does anyone not realize that, with the right software and all that shit, they can actually take control of your computer entirely?

Look at the compiled code for yourself.

I mean, a lot of players aren't above RMTing accounts and then recalling them later.

You think some of these people who know they are all but hacking FFXI to allow a different user interface aren't trying to extract a little bit more out of the equation?

And keep this in mind:  Let's say Square-Enix someday does the unthinkable and closes down Windower -- this would give them the opportunity to know who is playing where...

Not good, cheaters.  Not good.

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