Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Has Matsui screwed the pooch?

As of tomorrow, all field NM fights with Delve NMs die in 20 minutes.

This basically means no more Key Items for the rank and file of players, perhaps leaving Delve to the fucking BluGartr cheaters.

Listen, if the BG fuckers are right and you are truly telling us to "SUCK LESS", then please run the rest of us off your fucking game because you have no clue what you're doing.

You are effectively REQUIRING illegal conduct to play any kind of material in Adoulin save menial start-farming and slave-labor, effectively.

You'd have to be Windower-ing and far more just to have any degree of an idea what's going on to kill these assholes in 20 minutes.

And that's part of the problem:  If you're telling us we shouldn't even be ATTEMPTING this material, have the honesty to come and say so.

The problem is:  The only people who WOULD be worthy have no right to be in this fucking game.  Cheaters, every last fucking one of them, at least on the North American side.

If you're going to make this game that stratified piece of shit that this game was at 75, where cheating was effectively required for meaningful progress, then count me out.  And ban me for Game Disruption By Being Too Gimp (which would be actionable under 3.2, especially if this is Matsui's idea of the future of Final Fantasy XI...)

Give us some fucking reason to abide by the rules, or we won't.  And that'll include making a few bucks on the side!!  Wake up, or have your game put to sleep -- for good!!

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