Thursday, May 16, 2013

Uncennial (XIth) Anniversary Mog Bonanza Prizes up

Well, they just put up the XP ring and the Mog Bonanza for the Uncennial (eleventh) anniversary, which is today.

Uncennial Ring:  12 hours, double XP, 10 charges, each charge is eleven thousand one hundred eleven maximum bonus XP.

Mog Bonanza:

L6:  No wins at all at any level. 

The consolation prize has been changed to a throwing-ammo Bonanza Ball, minimum damage, just something to have.

L5:  Last number matches the L5 drawn. 

No deletions (entry slips, Ark Angel/Etc. Statues (none of the new Shadow Lord II and III statues though)).

Two additions:

Copse Candy.  Assume that's the new Leafkin costume item.

and Mog Bonanza Kupon O.  No, not that valuable.  If you win, you get to add to your Mog House (not Rent-a-Room, just the Mog House), if you got that musical instrument made over the holidays, either the Eastern or Western Adoulin music.

Probably get the Eastern Adoulin music with this one.

L4:  Last two numbers match the L4 numbers drawn.

The two Kupons at this level at Homecoming were both removed (the +1 Seals for any Empyrean job and some of the Sea Torque drops).

The Mass Chalemie (BRD Instrument) and Abdhaljis' Honor (Legion) slots were also removed.

No other deletions -- still have a Black Belt item, Odin Statue, skill-up ring, and Ark Angel weapon to choose from.

In exchange for the four deletions, a new Mog Kupon has been added, as well as an item:

Kupon S2 will allow the winner to pick any ONE Simulacrum Skirmish piece (head of either zone, body, OR feet -- one piece) at level II.

The item is a Frayed Sack of Mortality +1.  My guess is that it contains Skirmish +1 stones, but I'm not 100% certain,

And that's probably what I'd pick, the Frayed Sack +1.

L3:  Most everything in this area got dumped from Homecoming.  Gil option still remains, same pari-mutuel percentages from Homecoming.  27% here.

Pretty much the only retentions were the Galley Kitchen and the Nomad Moogle Rod.  (WHY THE HELL IS THAT ROD L3???)

An actual demotion from L2 for Homecoming to L3 and an expansion:  Kupon Ny.  One piece of Neo-Nyzul Isle top gear, wider selection than Homecoming.

Another addition:  The Speed Belt, the saleable Haste +6% belt.  (About 8-10M gil.)

Kupon Sa is another addition:  One piece of Neo-Salvage +1 gear.

Kupon S5 has been added as well.  Same drill as S2, except at Maximum level (V).  One piece of statue, level V.

And the Frayed Sack M2 -- probably the +2 equivalent of whatever the M1 sack does for +1s.

Tough call with the expansion of Neo-Nyzul and Neo-Salvage and the like..  Have to think that one over.

L2:  23% gil option.

The Voidwatch stuff is gone.  The Neo-Nyzul was demoted to L3.

The four new choices:  The Delve Boss crafting items from the Delve bosses.  Probably worth a shit-ton once they become available...

Eek.  The Black Belt or the Shaper's Shawl, probably!

L1:  50% of the gil goes in this pool.

The Ridill and Sagasinger are gone.

From here, it's pretty much a ripoff with Delve and Skirmish around.  K-Club, D-Ring, 10K currency-piece, Relic/Mythic/Empyrean at 90, Ebisu...

One addition:  Kupon D.  Delve Boss Armor, from this update.  The six armor drops from the bosses.  Can we say off the F-ing charts?

Almost certainly a Delve Armor choice, once they peel me off the ceiling after getting L1...

One comment:  It's almost certain they are NOT expecting ANYBODY -- even CheaterGartr -- to clear the Boss Delve stuff any time soon, given this prize table.  (Otherwise, we'd have seen the weapons too.)

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