Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr. Matsui, you're about one more bad move from a lawsuit...

One I would lose (which is why your predecessors didn't get one), but too much more of this belief that you are in the Suck Less BG-esque camp, and it won't matter to me whether I lose a civil lawsuit, because, frankly, it's either that or a criminal action the people around me who rely on me in Real Life (*gasp!* -- remember, Square-Enix, there is such a thing!!) cannot afford.

This "You Need Best-In-Slot Gear Or Don't Fucking Think of Doing Adoulin Content Without Windower, Scripts, and Other Illegal Bullshit" bullshit has to stop.

Or you will lose all of your remaining legitimate players.

Of course, listening to the North American side of things, do you have any legitimate players LEFT?  What have you got, about three menial players like that:  Me, Tohihroyu, and her boyfriend?

If it's not a gil-selling asshole who is more than happy to merc out illegally-gained wins (both his initial and the ones you're paying for) because he and his gear now control the content, it's a stupid motherfucker who basically won't take you at all because you don't suck cock, or will watch the entire alliance desert him if he takes me.  (Yep, had one earlier this week!)

What, you fuckers run or something behind our fucking backs?

Basically, finally started Delve content last night, got about 10K plasm in a farming group over several runs.

Quetzacotl, the bitch he is, probably tried to MPK us to sabotage one run, and we had to toss the cheating fucker Chromatics for leeching.

(And yes, you piece of shit, I'll more than happily say it to your face.  The problem is I've already got two strikes on my account with the game for my language, and I'm really getting to the point where it's either language or getting addresses.  Already got one guy's city and zip code, and have stored all that for safekeeping...)

So tonight, Perdurable Raptor in Morimar.  Not sure what his trick is, but we easily beat it if the fight is 30 minutes.

But no, it's 20, and I gotta go, Real Life calling!

You know, I'm already aware, Square-Enix, that your fucking "Note to the Players" "Get A Life Statement" is a fucking joke.  For the first time, I now believe the necessary level of gear to play content I desire to play is no longer legally possible.

To paraphrase what Hulk Hogan said to Vince Russo before he was fired by WCW, there's a reason your fucking company lost 13,000,000,000 yen last year.  (That's 13 BILLION -- now about $128M in a badly-devalued yen dropped 30% over the course of the last seven months.) 

You are catering to the wrong people, and doing it badly on top of it.

You are catering to a bunch of subhuman cretins, frankly with the wrong type of product.

The only reason you got the badly underperforming number of sales of Tomb Raider you did is because these shit-for-brains gamers in this country equate Lara Croft with Jiggle.

JRPGs will not sell well to the Call of Duty Fuck Everyone Over club.

Most of these guys basically badly need baseball bats to the skull.

I shouldn't have to bend my Real Life to this game.

At this point, frankly, we're back to where we were two years ago.

Sorry to say that, but all the promise you had in this game went away with the barriers you set to entry.  Between making all the work on Relics, Mythics, and Empyreans irrelevant and then making the entry fights to the new material basically unwinnable without cheats, you've taken all the promise of the 99 cap and blown it to shreds.

Congratulations, and may you reap the whirlwind.

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