Saturday, May 11, 2013

Matsui's latest Official Forums discussion on advancement through gear highlights why I'm pissed...

Matsui, in trying to placate the growing controversy on the effective uselessness of Relics, Mythics, and Empyreans at 99, just highlighted the main problem I have with the whole mess.

What he did was posted the general scope of the level of content in Adoulin content.

He posted not only what he believes to be current content levels, but also what is being planned for future updates...

What he wants people to look at is the level of gear (and of play) being above and beyond 99 -- hence, even beyond "hypergame", as I've called it.

So I'm going to rescale his chart a little bit, based on what I've seen in the 6-ish weeks since release:

Level 100-102 (T to a 99):  Regular monsters in Adoulin Start Areas:
Level 103-105:  Caves and second areas (Foret, Morimar...)
Level 100-104:  Colonization and Lair Reives (Present six areas -- Starter and cave/seconds)
Level 105:  Skirmish
Level 106:  Wildskeeper Reives
Level 105-108:  Colonization and Lair Reives in the next set of areas.
Level 110:  Delve NM's I II and III
Level 112:  Skirmish, new update.
Level 113:  Delve NM's IV and V
Level 116:  Wildskeeper Reives, new update
Level 119+:  Delve NM Boss

So the question is, is the point of entry the bayld gear (99), augmented (101 or so), or this cheater-led NNI and Legion gear that Matsui has probably put on his list somewhere around 105-106?

That's the problem.  If it's the latter, then, basically, our efforts at legitimate play are worth nothing.

At that point, legalize EVERYTHING.  Turn this game into WOW.

One law for everybody, or no law for anybody.

Anyone with an ear to the ground knows most every prominent EGLS/HNMLS player uses Windower and/or RMTs by selling gil.  If I, by not cheating, am now so far behind the loop that I can't catch up without not only cheating, but buying gil for the number of (sabotaged) runs I'd need, then I need to have a talk with Square-Enix' Legal Department.

As things stand now, I do not believe I will be able to complete even storyline Adoulin content without illegal software.  That should not be.

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