Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another week in the books, and a very interesting one at the end...

Another week of out-of-game "The Stupid! It Burns!!" over...

So what happened with me in Vana'diel?

Other than the aforementioned Leviathan 2,000th Besieged win:

Sunday Dynamis: Xarcabard -- 11 NM's defeated -- 1 0r 2 real drops.

Wednesday Dynamis: Bastok -- we're getting good at that. Got a wootz, a number of small currency, an Infinity Core, and a free-lotted MNK AF!!!

WHM got to about 22 or 23.

BLU and RNG were taken from 10 to 13 in one overnight.

And that gets to the story of why I didn't make today's Dynamis:

Just about as I was about to turn it in for the night and head to bed about 3:30 AM PDT, I hear shouts in Bastok that an effort was being made to take Ronfaure (the area outside San d'Oria) for Bastok in the Conquest rankings, and that all the help which could be spared was needed.

So I grabbed my two lowest jobs and started levelling them, selling stacks and stacks of crystals and trading some extra equipment...

By the conquest tally at 8 AM: SUCCESS!!

And now I have the outpost warp for Ronfaure, which means I have all of them except for Al'Taieu, which I don't have access to at this time.


Eldelphia said...

You skipped Dynamis to take an outpost? Or did you all decide to go do it? If I were your Dyna leader I'd be kinda pissed.

ixthyse said...

Just an FYI, there's no Al'Taieu OP Warp, it's in Lufaise Meadows which is the Tavnazia OP. That's accessible once you are on CoP Chapter 4(ie, having defeated Diabolos in Darkness Named, CoP 3-5)

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Eldelphia: The Dynamis was four hours later. I overslept it.