Sunday, June 14, 2009

A relatively interesting week...

Sunday Dynamis: Snow. Win. Nice.

Wednesday: Looked like I was going to be able to do the whole thing (shift switch for my roommate's project), and then, the moment I get home, my roommate's monitor is on it's death-bed. For the third week in a row, a last-minute errand cuts me off of Wednesday Dynamis. Unlike our first attempt, this monitor is working like a charm for my roommate.

I make it up to Kiana by briefly helping him skill up in The Boyahda Tree last night.

For the humor-impaired:

1) If you think that, if that happens this Wednesday, that I won't do it again, please read the Note to Players that you cursor past trying to get in the game (what I call the "Get a Life" message). My roommate is that damned important to me, and, if something needs to be done, it needs to be done.

2) If you don't like that, kiss my ass.

42 NIN, NIN AF1 -- thought those were daggers (they're katanas!), just short of 63 RDM...

2 DRG L1 Merits and retaking my highest Campaign medal after almost losing the second-highest one because I basically had not Campaigned since about the release of ACP.


Several different odds and sods, the first being something that is really pissing me off RL:

President Uncle Tom Obama, BITE MY FUCKING ASS AND STOP LYING TO US. Too many people invested their last hope in your ass for you to spit all over them and treat them like stepping stones. Equality for all or equality for none!!

(We all know how that's going to work out, especially as California goes BK in about two months.)

Back to FFXI:

Elitesttothemax (more an explanation of Kimiko's post, rather than flaming you): The joke is not funny. The reason the joke is not funny is because we see it all the fucking time in Vana'diel. You aren't worth anything in this game, to most of the "elites" -- most of whom cheat their asses off -- if you don't do exactly as the original post you made tried to parody.

That elitism would be a joke if the parody actually wasn't the modus operandi of much of the elite FFXI cheater-base.

The intent of the joke is there -- the problem is that there are too many people in FFXI (*cough*BluGartr*cough*) whose sole job is to do exactly what you do to feel superior to all the gimps out there.

As I said before, I EARNED my gear. I didn't steal it from Square-Enix.

Phishing warning: Happens from time to time, but you do begin to wonder if the people involved are trying to skim the credit card information, or the prize gear or whatever...

They're saying they are planning to go after the websites and the like. OK, but do the RMT bullshit too. One has to wonder if they're involved in this as well. The Dispose-a-Character RMT Tell Bullshit continues unabated -- JAIL THESE FUCKERS RL!

This (Upcoming) Week: Leviathan becomes the 4th FFXI server to reach 2000 Besieged wins. I take 63 RDM. Perhaps 65 DNC.

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