Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Craziest RL Week In Ages

WHM 28-29, not much else level-wise.

Sunday Dynamis: Overslept it -- see last week's.

Wednesday Dynamis: With our leader in class, we put together a Sandy run, and win it. I get complements for how I ran the lots.


I'd have gotten more done in-game this week, but it seems as if the rest of the world wishes me homeless and my roommate dead, for some damned sick reason.

On top of what it seems almost every icon of our age dropping dead...

Monday: Roommate receives shipment from UPS. Roommate already sees that the boxes have been literally squashed, in some form, with holes in them on top of it. Shipment is 3/4 destroyed. Complaint has already been filed with the Better Business Bureau against UPS. Replacement from the company she got the order from should be forthcoming, as is some strong invective for a company my roommate has had previous problems with (UPS)!

Thursday: Receives new monitor, shipped from Federal Express. Damned glad she got a backup to replace the LCD we had to return: FedEx DROPPED THE DAMN THING AND DESTROYED IT! Replacement forthcoming this week.

Friday: Griefers at Net project. Roommate gets injured (requiring an overnight trip to the ER and minor surgery on Monday -- and lots of help from me!) in the frustration!

Saturday: While getting a prescription for said injury, roommate appeared, at first, to have a epithet thrown toward her. My friend is not happy about epithets of that kind.

Saturday night: Extent of damage is chronicled from Monday.

Look, Real Life: I care for my damned roommate, but enough is ENOUGH is _ENOUGH_! My friend has enough to deal with with her projects, charity work, and her own feelings not to have them stomped, kicked, gouged, scratched, etc. for some people's entertainment.

I mean, people are going to come after me, but for some of what I've done RL, I have deserved it, a little.



Davy M. Jones said...

China banned RMT!

I didn't know where else to send you the message, but I thought it might make you feel better.

Also, I think you should move away from where you live. That sounds like kind of a lame place, with some less-than-hospitable people.

I'd help if I could, but we've all got financial battles to fight, y'know?

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

It's not going to do anything unless China actually lets people like Square-Enix into the mess and actually let them do something about it.

It's does make me feel better -- somewhat. But let's see what happens. This should already be actionable theft through Square-Enix under some part of Chinese law to begin with, but they've now made it explicit.

As far as moving away: Wish I could. But if I do, my roomie is dead and gone.

Davy M. Jones said...

China's a little "severe" when it comes to breaking any law, so I'm fairly optimistic about how much RMT will cut down in not just FFXI, but multiple online communities. I mean, a lot of RMT are based out of Korea, and China has them beat in terms of population by lightyears. I'm assuming that means by relation that a proverbial shit load of RMT will cut down. It won't be gone for good, but like you said, we'll see.

Back to moving, why can't you take your roommate with you?

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Moving: Neither of us have a great deal of funds at the moment, and my friend is going to be laid up (in some form) for the rest of the summer.

Besides, my roommate doesn't feel there may be a safe place left to go.

RMT in China: If you're right, as I will probably address in my next post, look for the number of characters in FFXI to halve.

Davy M. Jones said...

Here's hoping.

As for funds and what not, here's hoping things turn out better for a lot of us, yeah?

If you had to pick a place, though, where do you think you'd go?

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Dunno. That's the other part of the problem. It's becoming a very unsafe situation out here in California, and I don't know where we could move if we had to.

Heading to do the China-RMT post now...