Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Lords and Masters *snicker* say we're stupid...

No, BGitches, and when I see the post by Kuishen, it would make me laugh if it didn't make me sick first:

Starcade's latest post in his blog made me lol.

He essentially said that nobody can get above floor 60 in neonyzul without windower and clipper.


[My earlier post here ragging on the US fans for bitching because Square-Enix prefers the Japanese players _again_.]

I can't imagine what it must be like to be so delusional and wrong about everything. 

I can't imagine what it must be like to have no conscience whatsoever and be proud of it.

Actually, I can imagine it, and the reason I tend to avoid it is I don't want to indiscriminately kill people, which is exactly what would happen if I had Kuishen's idiotic, delusional, and self-centered self-concept.

Let's quit the bullshit and look at reality for a second.

If you can realiably state that you can clear 12 floors in Neo-Nyzul without Windower and Clipper, POIDH, because I don't believe you.  Especially since Draylo of Leviathan has already admitted that over four out of five users of that forum who still play FFXI are fucking cheaters.

(He doesn't say it as such, but he did say that over 80% of the remaining BG users who play FFXI use Windower and/or Spellcast at the very least.)

(And I use 12 because the average jump on a "Go up ??? Floors" is 5.)

Such a situation would require you to make one successful floor run every 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

That includes "ALL" floors.

That includes "LAMP ORDER" floors.

That includes floors with any manner of NM in them.

Square-Enix CREATED Neo-Nyzul as a cheat detection device.  You CANNOT get to even Floor 60 without pushing the rules, and 100 REQUIRES cheating.

No more, no less.  They did the same with Pandemonium Warden at level 75.  They almost certainly did the same with Absolute Virtue at level 75.

So when you fuckers say that we are stupid, you're basically equating "playing smart" with "cheating your motherfucking ass off".  You're equating "playing well" to "taking every [illegal] advantage the game provides you".

The Community Rep (Okipuit) posted this on the Official Forums on Post #20:

"The new Nyzul was not designed in such a way that it is impossible to clear. We understand that it is a challenge to reach and complete floor 100, but please keep in mind that successful runs offers guaranteed rewards. In addition, the development team was able to introduce rewards with some highly beneficial stats due to the level of difficulty associated with getting to and conquering floor 100. That said, there aren't any plans to simplify the journey up to the top."

The first statement is a lie.

The first statement he makes is a complete lie.

To get to Floor 100, you must go up an average of 20 floors.  Can you take out a Neo-Nyzul floor (of any kind) in 90 seconds?  Now do that TWENTY TIMES.

No.  Just....  no.  If this is the level of bald-faced lie Square-Enix has to resort to to retain a playerbase until at least FFXIV 2.0, they're in even bigger trouble than I thought.

Markovchain says it even better in Post #48 from today:

"The devs offically answered to this thread. Cheating is accepted as long as it cannot be found out. I suggest everyone to use fillmode, windower, and dat swaps."

Emphasis mine.

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