Friday, November 23, 2012

More and more rounds of SE Fail on the SP's: Let's have a look.

Let's take a look at the SP's now, from when they started to where they are now...

I thought only half of these were any good August 1, when I posted the original list.

We're now almost four months later, and they're still junking and revising (as of the November 22 test server update):


WAS:  Regular attacks will become non-elemental and grants a drastic increase in accuracy.

IS:  100% Double Attack for 60 sec.

That's better, to an extent.  Though there are still situations where Formless Strikes would actually do better, frankly.  Sidegrade to slight upgrade.


WAS:  Grants a 100% counter-rate against regular attacks from enemies. Also, the amount of enmity gained by this will increase drastically.

IS:  Doubles your max HP and recovery to full HP.  HP doubled for 30 seconds.

Is MNK supposed to be melee or a tank in this?  Sidegrade at best.


WAS:  Grants party members protection from status ailments.

IS:  Add Dispel to that.  30 seconds.

Kind of an offshoot of the Perfect Defense nerf.  Should be longer, but it's a start.


WAS:  Grants a drastic decrease in enmity generated by magic attacks.

IS:  Add an increase in magic accuracy for 60 seconds.

This is getting to be a halfway decent one, but still Manafont is preferable.


WAS:  Grants an increase to the effect of enhancing magic.

IS:  Increases the effectiveness of the next SINGLE enfeebling spell you cast, but only if it is within the next 60 seconds.



WAS:  Major damage is dealt to the enemy and all enmity will be transferred to the player standing in front of them.

As I called it, "Fuck you both!"

IS (November 22 Update):  Steals one beneficial effect currently on the enemy, including any SP/2 hours which might be on it.  But one beneficial effect must be on the enemy to steal, or it fails and has been used.

And from what I'm reading, the effect MAY _prioritize_ the SP's.  If so, this one is getting good.


WAS:  Grants an increase to the chance of blocking with a shield and reflects the blocked damage to the attacker.

IS (November 22 Update):  Damages the enemy with a shield and drastically lowers their melee attack and accuracy.

Some people are saying this attack/accuracy lowering is to minimum levels, but more testing needs to be done.  Still not really a PLD thing, though.


WAS:  Steals an enemy's TP through regular attacks while the effect is active.

IS:  Not sure if the current 30 second duration was there on August 1, but the effect is unchanged.


WAS:  Absorbs the pet and recovers both HP and removes status ailments. Also, the player will receive a Reraise effect.

IS (and I believe this may be about the third such attempt) (November 22 Update):  Increases the likelihood of charming enemies and eliminates the recast time for Call Beast.  When either Charm or Call Beast is used, the pet will have 300 TP and there will be no ability delays for Sic or Ready.

Here, let me rewrite that as a long-time BST to the reality of today's Vana'diel, and you'll see why this might not be enough without granting the pet full Meikyo Shisui (the SAM 2-hour SP):

Increases the likelihood of charming enemies and eliminates the recast time for Call Beast.  When either Charm or Call Beast is used, the pet will have 300 TP and there will be no ability delays for Sic or Ready.



WAS:  Drastically reduces the magic defense, magic evasion, and INT/MND of the target.

IS:  Allows an additional song to be cast upon party members.

Yawn.  Just simply yawn.  Not enough people actually know how to play BRD to make that work.  (Nor do I, that's why I don't play it.)


WAS:  The range modifier will become the optimal distance no matter the range to the target. Also, ammunition will not be consumed.

IS:  Halves the delay on Ranged Weapons.  100% Double Shot and Triple Shot activation.

Eek.  Going from no ammunition consumed to boatloads!


WAS:  All damage caused by physical special abilities will be evaded. Additionally, weapon skill damage will increase as more special abilities are evaded.

IS:  Evades all special attacks with physical or magical damage.   Enhances the potency of your next weapon skill as more special attacks are evaded.

An upgrade!  Wow.


WAS:  Grants a drastic increase in parry rate. Additionally, Ninjutsu recast times will be reduced by 50% and ninja tools will not be consumed.

IS:  Increases the number of auto-attacks based on the number of your Utsusemi shadows.

Finally!  An effect I could actually see from NIN -- finally allowing the shadows to attack as well!


WAS:  Wyvern’s HP is completely restored and all status ailments are cured. Additionally, the wyvern’s stats will increase.

IS:  Eliminates the recast time of your jump abilities for 30 seconds.

This actually can work -- the only questions people have are the delays Job Abilities have as a function of their being used consecutively. 


WAS:  The recast time of both summoning magic and Blood Pacts will become 0 while under the effect of the ability.

IS:  Only Blood Pacts lose their recast time to 0, but all MP is restored upon activation.

There you go!  Now we're getting somewhere!

WAS:  While the ability is in effect, blue magic from Unbridled Learning can be used continuously.

IS:  Add that Unbridled Learning will have no recast time.

Now we're actually getting to some jobs that actually might have a 99-able "SP"/"2-hour".


WAS:  Grants the ability to use up to 3 Phantom Roll effects.

IS:  Reduces the recast time on SP's of all party members, excluding yourself, depending on your roll.

Rats.  Though it included your own.  Not quite a 99 SP, then...


WAS:  Automaton will use special abilities. Special ability usage will depend on the automaton head.
Harlequin Head: Mighty Strikes
Valoredge Head: Invincible
Sharpshot Head: Eagle Eye Shot
Stormwaker Head: Chainspell
Soulsoother Head: Benediction (Will apply to the party members and automaton itself)
Spiritreaver Head: Manafont

IS:  No change, though I think there's a typo in the current article on the Official Forums.


WAS:  Grants maximum amount of Finishing Moves and the recast time of all Flourishes will be reset.
Additionally, while the ability is in effect, Finishing Moves will not be consumed.

IS:  The effect can only be used 3 times, or in 30 seconds.



WAS:  Will direct enmity of all party members to an indicated player.

IS:  No change, just clarification that it has to be a member of your party.



So, almost four months on, and you've probably got workable 99 SP's for:

The three Aht Urhgan jobs (COR to a lesser extent), DRG maybe,  NIN, SAM, maybe THF, possibly WHM, maybe WAR...

So it'll take til when?  May 2012 before we can get 20 decent 99 SP's?



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