Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Epic Fail Which is Final Fantasy XIV-1 Is No More...

I didn't think it would have to come to the absolute shutdown of XIV, with an indeterminate timetable to the release of what effectively should either be called Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy XIV-2 (A Realm Reborn).

One of the biggest jokes in the history of gaming finally fell to reality on Sunday morning, as the servers were finally terminated on v. 1.x of Final Fantasy XIV.

To be clear, they still fully intend, at some point in 2013, to release A Realm Reborn.

But also to be clear, the only six minutes of Final Fantasy XIV 1.x which were worth a tinker's damn to gaming was the termination trailer, in which Eorzea was destroyed.

I almost wish that everything involved with Final Fantasy XIV went with it.  The inescapable reality that the joke which was XIV, from the day of it's release back in September, 2010 to November 11, 2012 has probably irreparably tarnished the Final Fantasy franchise to the point that it's very future has to be stated as, at best, murky.

There are several things to take from the shutdown of XIV 1.x:
  • The MMO Division of Square-Enix, and through it's sheer incompetence, is in far worse trouble than anyone is truly willing to admit.
I've always maintained that I felt that XI was propping up XIV -- and it became clear, when the decision was made to emphasize "Rapture" (XIV's codename) over XI just after the 2009 Salvage bans, that XI was only being kept around to fund XIV.

Anyone who's seen Final Fantasy XI over the course of the last few months knows that's not possible.
  • XIV's timetable is already 2 1/2 months behind a timeline which was released in October of 2011.
The beta is now scheduled for late-January/February of 2013.  Actually, according to the roadmap referenced, they actually scheduled to have software for the 2.0 reboot ready by October of 2012, so they are now looking at at least four months behind, and probably MUCH further.
  • And what does this mean for Seekers of Adoulin?
We have not received one meaningful piece of news about Seekers of Adoulin since VanaFest.

Massively had an article on this in October.

The problem with the announcement being "too early" is that this game needs subs to prop up not only XI, but the development of XIV 2.0 .  And if they wait for 2.0 and beyond to take root BEFORE they go hardcore on Adoulin, they will lose subs.

From what I've been seeing on Leviathan, they've been flying away with some frequency.  I mean, if we look at an April or May launch for XIV 2.0, and THEN work on Seekers, the rate these guys get behind, 2013 for Seekers might be a reach, and, at that point, probably better for Square-Enix to throw all-in on their MMO Division for XIV 2.x and be done with it.

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