Friday, November 16, 2012

More thoughts on yesterday's whopper, and the reaction to it...


That went over well.

No, I'm not talking about my post, though Tohihroyu did a nice job on the Official Forums adding issues that everyone else seems to ignore.

I'm talking about Camate basically telling off, according to different players, pretty basically much all the remaining paying customers.

Unfortunately, no one is addressing the Windower issue here.  What people seem to forget is that the predominant game communities, and, hence, the most rigorous testers, are using conduct contrary to the User Agreement, and, hence, the game mechanics are not being calibrated versus legal conduct.

So the question remains:

1) Is Windower legal?
2) If so, does Windower not become REQUIRED for any player who can feasibly use it?

I mean, I read stuff like this on BG and then have to ask another question:

"I'm kind of lost for words when it comes to the ragefest SE's response created. And I almost wish SE would just shut down their forum. It seems to have drawn every single player who think they deserve to get what they want with as little work and effort as possible, to post there."

3) I really wish Mairja from Asura would read the User Agreement and ask the BG community if it's not time to GM every last player they consider incompetent and drive them from the game once and for all?

It is illegal to disrupt the Game Experience of other players, without limitation as to exactly what constitutes the disruption (User Agreement 3.2).  That degree of incompetence could easily be considered disruptive, especially with a Camate post effectively telling the players to get off their asses.

The problem is not that they need players to get off their ass.

The problem IS that players appear to be required to commit violations of the User Agreement (creating questions as to whom, if anyone, is a legitimate player anymore!) for what another player correctly said:

"Most people, whether it be by VW's crappy luck system or not having a winning NNI group, are going to be stuck with gear that is good, but is also fairly outdated/ranked."

Hence, minus committing illegal conduct, there may be a deliberate creation of a glass ceiling only the BG types can break.

Which then, of course, raises the final issue that a couple players have at least skirted around:

4) With the complete lack of Seekers of Adoulin news and the shutdown of XIV 1.x, does the development team actually desire to ever see Seekers of Adoulin released, or is their intention to force all FF MMO players to XIV-2, A Realm Reborn, and shut down XI without Seekers of Adoulin being released?

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