Thursday, November 8, 2012

The latest RMT findings and STF bannings have FFXIAH in a debate!

Eek.  Let's actually put some text on this one.

This thread talks about a month where the most gil ever has been removed from the system by the Special Task Force.

And, according to the accompanying charts, it's NOT CLOSE.

About a similar number of accounts, but 6 billion gil burned out, and that's nearly 70% above the previous record (3.6 billion in January 2010).

Everything went normally until Arkitanx from Fenrir fired off this missive:

"And then the japanese wonder why their game isnt worth anything anymore? When will the japanese learn how to remove their heads from their butts and learn to do what Blizzard has done with Diablo 3? Incredibly stupid people deserve eradication! It would make the world a better place!"

Basically stating that he only plays games to make money anymore.  After the Diablo III RMT Auction House, there are many more of him than one might want to admit.

This is why the Diablo III experiment was a very BAD idea.

Very bad.

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