Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Now even Naoki Yoshida is admitting Square-Enix is in rather serious trouble, and out of chances.

Was just toodling around the Net today, and found a very interesting comment.

Naoki Yoshida, the director of the currently-on-hiatus Final Fantasy XIV, has publicly come out and said that another mistake like XIV would kill Square-Enix.

Not the kind of words that would inspire investor confidence, and the server populations on XI can't be confidence-builders either (currently 953 on Leviathan, and if the conquest update were right now, Bastok would fall in Campaign).

I'm really getting the impression Seekers of Adoulin is either vaporware or an outright sham scam.  It's been five months since we had the original announcement, and not only is there nothing on Seekers, but everything is now months behind schedule, on both XI and XIV:A Realm Reborn.

My best advice for Square-Enix' dwindling chances?  Pick one of the two MMO's, go all-in on that MMO, close the other one for good.

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