Saturday, January 26, 2013

State of the Player-Base, and it only takes one to show it cleanly...

Had another of my dropping-of-the-gloves moments in Jeuno -- and pre-Adoulin boredom is making that more and more common (so much so, I'll be taking three days off the game to reset my fee and probably use the time to fire up one of my Playstations to go do Final Fantasy 7, 10 (either one), 12, or 13 (either one).

Anyhow, the latest cheater piece-of-shit to decide he wanted a shot at me was Leviathan's own Rockstardrummer.  This after I saw the fourth iteration (I can assume the other three have been banned earlier in the week for RMT/FC announcements) of Levexp -- adding a "p" with every iteration.

So I announce that another STF report has been fired, and this guy decides he wants to put up for the cheaters, RMTs, and other motherfuckers of this game.

He eventually says something to this effect, both in-game and what I'm quoting, as a comment to my player-page on FFXIAH, a few days after I delurked:

"By far, THE most retarded person i've met on this game, constantly accusing people of cheating, he simply cannot admit to not being as good as everyone else so they must be cheating. please deactivate your account and save Leviathan the laughter."

Well, he'll get three days worth...  The 29th, 30th, and 31st.  Then, when I get my next paycheck, I return, with vengeance.  :)

OK, this is the point of my post:  I want to show you how players in socially-accepted circles of this game are made "better".  This is basically the State of the Player-Base on the North American side.

I'm going to go to BluGartr again, and I'm going to pull up their "Advanced - The New Standard"  forum.

This is the intent (and, hence, rules) of the forum:

"Endgame FFXI, Events, advanced theories. Well thought out questions with data for other players to check and verify. Serious topics and discussion, players willing to make changes to their way of thinking to better their character and themselves. Cold hard facts and well versed speculation. Random bullshit need not apply. USE THE GODDAMN RANDOM QUESTION THREAD."

OK, no arguments there.

Where the arguments occur is:  When you look down the normal part of the thread in reverse time order, you find these are the most recent threads in the forum (as of 8:23 PM PST 1/26/13, the time I got this far in the posting):

1) Completed Relic/Mythic Weapons List


2) The Ashita Project Goes Live

Another illegal third-party program site (which was STF'ed by me the day the thread started!) for plugins that can, in their own words:  "extend, better, or automate game play in endless ways."

3) Spellcast Help Thread

Illegal third-party program, Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

4) Salvage II - Slavage Harder


5) Random Question Thread:  Fuck It.

Exactly the answer to any Random Question on BluGartr which does not involve cheating.  Otherwise, WYSIWYG.

6) Working Parser?

Basically, another illegal 3PP which basically is used as a e-peen measurement.  Basically, anybody who doesn't measure up in damage is basically told to GTFO.

7) Windower!  State of the Project Update

The Grandaddy of all Illegal Third-Party Programs.

8) Final Fantasy XI New Game +

Another illegal third-party site (which has already been reported -- sense a pattern?), replacing an out-of-date dats site.

9) A locked thread on whether the game is still worth it
10) A Blue Mage thread

11) Things broken by the 12/12/12 Update

(which quickly became a discussion of how bad Square-Enix fucked illegal third-party program players using Clipper)

12) Light Luggage

Yet another illegal third-party program to deal with inventories...

Are we sensing something here...

Five of the eight most recent threads, and seven of the twelve most recent are illegal third-party programs -- neither they nor the players who use them have any place in Final Fantasy XI.

So let's now take a look at Rockstardrummer, his comments, and the intent of the Advanced thread here.

You should be able to draw one conclusion, which one Windower piece-of-shit said to me in-game directly (and also got STFed for it):

The concepts of illegal third-party program usage and improvement as a character in the game are equivalent to the socially-accepted North American player-base.

As such, any player who can use those programs and refuses is, at minimum, shunned, if not factually committing a violation of the Terms themselves, since their play without the programs is so inferior (in the eyes of Comeatmebot, Draylo, and other prominent players) that it disrupts the player community and the game play on the servers.

This ain't QQ, motherfucker.  This is fact.

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