Monday, January 28, 2013

Funniest thing happened just before my vacation!

Could not get into Dynamis before deactivation would cut it short, so I decided to sell seven Jadeshells on my Bazaar that I had saved up because the level 2 on my axe is blocked by an axe that is a massive money-loser and, hence, never on the AH.


Who buys them?

Comeatmebot, with the pinky ring (and a poisoned chalice! -- if the RMT PWNER 1.337 gets activated on him, it could put me in his tree...  Maybe that's his idea...)...

Then, he gives them away to the first person (another Guildwork cheating bastard won it, on his 83rd (or was it 93rd??) attempt!) who could /random 999 at the Port Jeuno guide stone.

Hey, may have been a spit in the face, but I did get at least the agreed-upon gil from my bazaar.  Now, is he going to try to RMT PWNER me?

He'll have to wait til Friday.    Up the mountain the Galka goes to meditate.

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