Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let me explain this to them SLOWLY, because they won't get it otherwise...

Passed over a bunch of comments on BluCheater, and basically just rolled my eyes at the abject stupidity of it.

And not that these fucktards are going to listen, but it's clear that, at least so that someone sane (which obviously precludes these scheming motherfuckers) at least puts it out there:
  • One of the major manners in which cheating/unethical motherfuckers such as these control the play on Final Fantasy XI (and most certainly other games as well) is the concept of content denial.  I had an idiot this afternoon scoff at the concept of using environmental blockages, such as are proposed by Seekers of Adoulin, to control access to content.
Let me explain exactly how I could see this working, especially with a player who justifies having eight Square-Enix accounts:

OK.  Comeatmebot (without loss of generality, I'll use him because he's such a complete fucktard) aids in accessing several areas in Seekers of Adoulin, and then puts one of his accounts in each area, then logging them out.

Then, a certain amount of time where not a fuck is given toward the content in Seekers passes.  The environmental blockages lock that content.

But he's still got his account there.  If Seekers allows any degree of teleportation similar to the Nexus Cape, Comeatmebot and his minions (in this hypothetical scenario) now have material control over the content and who can access it.

That's money.  That's real money.  That's real money, as in dollars and cents.
  • I have to go through this again:  History shall record what happened in 1998.  I have no problem with that.  What I do have a problem with is this:  Who in the Hell are you to think you'd get better than she got?  Why, then, aren't you calling any police you can find, because, at this point, whatever threat which was against her is probably global (one of the reasons I pass the time on FFXI) and the best you fuckers could expect from me?
Seriously, who the Hell are you?  Fuck off.
  • And, for at least three of you that I've had to deal with in the last 24 hours, I consider the concept of "It's just a game." to be equivalent to "Boys will be boys, they'll grow out of it."
You may take that as the equivalent to "BOHICA, spread your ass cheeks, get raped for our entertainment."  Sounds awfully like Ohio or Penn State with their football glorifications.

Because that's what it is.  You act in game as you'd act in real life, because you don't get the consequences of someone ramming their fist down your throat (or, like where I come from:  Someone in position of power getting one of those fireplace air blowers, filling it up with gasoline or similar substance, spraying a fine mist into your room, and throwing a match...  It's called "smoking someone out".  This actually took place against a person in the other wing during the NBA broadcasts of Jordan's last title.).

(One of the biggest mistakes society makes is incarceration being correction from being violent.  No, it just educates you to violence, as a matter of how to do it and why.  It gives you new and better ways to get the job done.)

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