Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wow. Twirl the pinky ring some more, Comeatmebot.

He may consider his invitation from his actual in-game name accepted.

The shithead finally got me so incredulous that I finally had to delurk on one of the few fora I haven't been banned from yet (FFXIAH) to basically tell him and his ilk to go fuck themselves.

I mean, as I've said before (and this is after my 24PB and Square-Enix asking me to review the Terms), I came out and said what I've said here:  If "everybody bots [and] nobody cares", idiot, then players like me and my ilk should be removed from the game for being disruptive to the gameplay and progress of the game community.

Botting should either have all of you shitheads banned or it should be required as a pre-condition of play.

So I slapped Comeatmebot when he spawned in front of me while he was crafting in Bastok.

45 minutes later, he thought I actually might've believed him, but it was clear he was lying, and he got his second STF report of the night after I identified timestamps when he posted what he thought was comedy (but was an intentional softball aimed right at his head!) and promptly reported him for Windower/plug-ins.

Not surprisingly, the thread was completely gone (not just locked, but gone) from FFXIAH a few hours later, by the time my birthday nap had ended.

Look, I know his endgame.  He's serious RMT and wants to use his bots and scripts and eight Square-Enix accounts (for which he pays over $100 a month to play the game, let's not forget!) to only allow himself and those he elects to play Seekers of Adoulin content.  He and his plan to use the environmental blockages, if they can be used as such, to block legitimate players (however few there may be) from Adoulin content, forcing us to pay him (gil or RL money) to actually play the game.

In short, because of his social status in Vana'diel, he's trying to be the fucking Mafia.

I mean, I got a letter today that describes about the environment he wants.  Basically, it was a letter from the Department of Justice.  In 2005, I got my credit card hacked by a bunch of Eastern European pieces of shit.

Eight of them are about to go to Federal prison.

That's what I see for Vana'diel if people like that shithead Comeatmebro aren't stopped -- and if that means outside-the-game too, then so be that as well.  As I said, I hope that, in some small way, I have a part to play in him getting exactly what is coming to him.


Kari said...

I don't even know where you get these conspiracy theories. The shit you do/say is worse than any cheating ever done in FFXI. Your efforts are worthless as well.

Starcade said...

Kari, if you honestly believed that crap, you'd petition to have me expelled from the game under Term 3.2 -- Game Disruption.

Since you obviously believe, in your warped little mind, that cheaters like him are better for the game than players who demand fair and legitimate play, I have no place in your FFXI.

Please kindly go fuck yourself.

Communist Moogle said...

You really need to get a new hobby Starcade... Just play the Game.

The dude you are so obsessed about doesn't really effect your Game in reality.. it only effects it in your Head.. because you are a Nut.

I would say either go play something else if FFXI is so bad or just quit MMO's all together.

Failing that you could always try and... dare I say.. "Make Friends" and actually get the most out of FFXI. From what I've read from ya Blog and hear from others.. you suck.. really Bad.. and your personality is Toxic so I guess this task will be harder to do then your One Man War Vs the Dreaded RMT Mafia.

Anyway.. I do find it entertaining.
Keep up teh Good Work... or w/e it is.

Starcade said...

Here's the problem: One CAN'T just "play the game" anymore.

That's not possible.

First, the entire process is designed such that the enjoyment of the game, in the eyes of most of the prominent North American player-base, is contingent upon probable RMT (in fact, RMT is seen by many as the only real reason to continue gaming in most respects, which is why Blizzard incorporated it directly into Diablo III), player belittlement, and content denial.

What I am strongly concerned about is the BluGartr/Comeatmebot crowd will demand recompense to allow "lesser persons" to play Adoulin content. This is the only conceivable scenario in which "players" like Comeatmebot would pay $100+/month for the product.

Second, "it only effects the Game in my head". Nice try. As I've said before, upon review of the Terms of Service, you're forcing the rest of us to play the game with the illegal materials, or risk being expelled from the Game ourselves. Fuck you.

There's a reason that I should be banned from any public FFXI gathering. I'd kick your fucking ass.

Anthony said...

"One CANT just 'play the game' anymore"
^ Than don't

Anthony said...

"Here's the problem: One CAN'T just "play the game" anymore"

Than don't? Are you secretly addicted to it or something?

Starcade said...

Fuck you, Anthony.

Why should your cheating piece-of-shit ways and destroying FFXI be able to dictate that to me, you arrogant prick?

Marcus Sherwood said...

To me it sounds like someone that is envious of Comeatmebro. Not only is 3/4 of your blog about him, but such emotions when you speak of him! If you could afford 8 accounts to go do what ever you pleased, wouldn't you? It's more for that reason than what you have in mind in my personal opinion. If you're 44 ... wait excuse me 45 didn't you just have a birthday? Anyways being a 45 year old man you honestly have nothing better to do with your time then to attempt to bash a legitimate player that's helpful with his knowledge of this fine game we all play and love. To be perfectly clear, you are a joke. You have no worth here, nor do you hold any sort of respect from any of your fellow gamers. Either you are the sad miserable piece of shit you lead us all to believe. Or! You're the worst fucking troll of all trolls. Either way You're an idiot.

Starcade said...

I'm not envious of the asshole in the least. He's an absolute dick, and can basically show how to be a dick in about 100 conceivable ways (including one I posted last night!).

A lot of my current blog is about him because, frankly, he IS probably the single most powerful player on the Leviathan server, and that has to be stopped somehow before his endgame (the probable control of Adoulin content for pay, IMHO) takes effect.

(Having eight powerful characters botted together will do that for you. When you and one other person can successfully drive from the server one of the last remaining powerful (and almost certainly botting as well!) HNMLS's, that kind of tells you something, doesn't it?)

I mean, it makes you sound like, if you are a Leviathan player (Hell, if you play XI at all...), you'd like to be under the control of an RMT cheating piece of shit that basically can control, for pay, what you do and do not play.

Under that scenario, I'm paying my $12.95/month to the wrong people!

And THAT'S why he gets mentioned.

Jealousy? Envy?? Fuck you!

If I could afford 8 accounts, would I? Hell, no!

You see, you conveniently "forget" a very important piece of information. This isn't just him being able to "octo-box". This is about saying two things:

1) How can he do that without botting under the Terms of Service? (He can't.)

2) Why does he feel the necessity to in an 11-year old game unless he has an endgame to the benefit of himself and a very few others?

I'll tell you the same I tell a bunch of other people: If you truly believe the bullshit you just posted, you had better have me expelled under the game Terms of Service under Game Disruption -- that I am so "gimp" and so "envious" that my mere presence on FFXI disrupts the game experience of the (fewer and fewer) relevant players on Leviathan server.

(PS: 44. I already changed it on said birthday. ;) )

And another mighty Fuck You to another cheating piece of shit.