Sunday, March 29, 2009

I can see I'm not the only person aggravated about the Internet...

Too many more of these goddamn pigs, and you probably won't have to worry about me being around.

I see enough of this fucking shit in FFXI, and my roommate and friend really doesn't need the aggravation.

My roommate was on an online carnival for a cancer charity she works for and supports (please help support the Relay for Life), and, several hours ago, a bunch of little motherfucking children decided they wanted to disrupt the event.


And they ran off before they could get banned and ran right back onto the area to disrupt things further the moment the admins of the area left.

Now, why do I mention this?

First, if you ever see my name in the evening news (again) for getting myself arrested for bloodying some faces, please be not surprised. Hell, I came thisclose to having a major incident at an anime convention two years ago (ever heard of the poem "A Day Late and a Gun Short of a Shooting Rampage?" That was me about Memorial Day 2007 in San Jose, CA).

Second, I see so much of this shit in FFXI (the incident above was NOT in FFXI) that I'm about to lose what little remaining restraint I've had the last several years.

If some of these idiots want real grief, they'll get it -- from me or someone else.

I'm sick and tired of a bunch of fuckwad little children who basically feel they are above everything. Sabotage, griefing, me-first, ninjar-ing lots, botting, cheating, duping, the RMT fuckwads on that one website -- another one today...

I mean, what, you guys want to be "G" or "hardcore" or that...

Trust me, you don't know "hardcore".

Spend a year in Riker's Island and then get back to me about fucking "hardcore".

Lose your soulmate to cancer and then get back to me about fucking "hardcore".

Try to carry on with a lot of you little boys and girls out there (who know who you are) and then get back to me about fucking "hardcore"...

I don't know if you want to descend into the ghetto culture or whatever the fuck you want, but, trust me -- you are descending into a place (and this is talking simply economics here, not to mention the "Mad Max" which is coming soon to the entire culture) from which you will not return. You really want it that bad? It'll cost you everything.

Wake up and smell the coffee, children, and get right.

You know, I'm legitimately shocked I'm not banned from FFXI yet for the contents of my blog. I sense that won't be the case much longer...


Anonymous said...

Square-Enix doesn't care what you have on your personal blog. You should be "legitimately shocked" that anyone does.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Actually, fucker, I've received more than a couple complaints about the blog -- official complaints...

I'd be shocked if someone's not contacting Square-Enix saying "Watch out..."

(And, at the rate things are going, they might have a concern...)

Anonymous said...

So this is your means to an end?

Did receiving "official complaints" make your day? What kind of complaints were they? Did it regard race or prejudice? That's a fairly widespread concern among the population of your country.

And what does Square-Enix need to "watch out" for? What the hell can you do that will ruin the livelihood of such a company, other than threaten to do some form of physical harm upon someone and go to jail "again?"

Basically, who are you? What can you do? Why do you insist on not only alienating yourself, but attempting to paint a target on your chest big enough for someone significant to notice?

Why can't you simply live, and enjoy it? Why do you have to put forth such effort in your abysmal campaign to become a publicly known detriment to humanity? I've seen chronic drunks with more clarity!

I'm not trying to publicly deface you, man. I don't care if you allow this comment to be posted. I just want you to read it and think, man. You keep telling people things like "listen to me very carefully," and spouting off about what you think, and an amazing amount of it is largely baseless. Yes, there are some assholes out there. Your next door neighbor could probably be called one of them, but have you tried walking over and calmly asking him to turn it down? Does a culture really always represent a man in his worst possible position?

Because you play FFXI, a game you claim to hate with great ferocity, does that mean you cosplay and name your character after a fucking anime or videogame personality because you can't come up with your own?

That's a stereotype I've heard, and I've only seen a few people that fit the bill, and most of them didn't fit in the american player base you despise so.

You claim to be forty years old, and I can hardly believe it. I don't know any people that age who are this hung up on what is essentially a widely used digital toy. If you hate people that much, and you're bound and determined to drag us all down, why not try working at the DMV?

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

If I try to do what I would probably consider "enjoying" "life", I'd be in jail all the faster.

Frankly, I'm shocked I'm still allowed on the game, because I would like to do physical harm to a number of the players, since I truly believe that's the only thing they *MIGHT* respond to.