Friday, March 27, 2009

I had to turn down an interesting offer today...

I actually got an offer to be on "Ferociously Feofi" today...


The show is actually called "Elegantly Edwyth", and Edwyth (and Feofi, apparently) both recently moved to Leviathan.

So I get on after my run today, and I am almost immediately met (as I go to plant my Cerrunos Bulb for the WotG mission "Daughter of a Knight" -- have Spectral Jig and an immediate way out, and you should be fine) with a tell from Edwyth, who was referred to me by someone who, though well-intentioned, probably picked the wrong guy from the start.

Edwyth is going to do a show in the near future (his next EE) on how Vana'diel has changed in the last five years. He wanted "different opinions". So he asked me.

I turned him down. For one reason, which should be no secret to readers of this blog:

If you were to put me on any of the major FFXI podcasts right now, the result would be an abjectly unairable flame-fest. As I said, I have very little regard for the Final Fantasy XI player-base, especially after the last few months.

Frankly, it probably would be in the best interests of Square-Enix to ban me from FanFest by now, because there's no reason to believe that seeing half the major podcast players would not result in me punching one or more of them (or getting thrown out for wanting to).

Yeah, I'm that pissed.

So, though I thank Edwyth for the offer, I had to turn it down. I have that little respect, regard, or trust for the Final Fantasy XI players (or the bulk of people who represent them), and the only reason I continue to play FFXI at all is to spite the cheaters, the frauds, and those who tolerate them.

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