Monday, March 30, 2009

So, RDM and SMN get royally screwed, I see...

Got a comment a couple days ago from one of the other prominent TTTO bloggers about why the Hell I'm so negative about a lot of what I post about this update...

Updates like today's are a good start.

Today, they announced "updates" on SMN and RDM...

After making WHM into a stud of Vana'diel, it seemed, people were looking forward to the updates for RDM and SMN since FanFest...

And what they got... KER and SPLAT.

RDM first:

Composure: Lvl 50 RDM -- 5 min recast and duration (so it can be on all the time).

Increases (magic) accuracy. Increases effect of buffs you put on yourself. Penalty to casting time.

Ooh brother...

And that penalty to casting time is on ALL magic, including ninjitsu. RDM/NIN ain't gonna like that one.

En-spells level II -- Lvl 50-60. Increases elemental damage strength which each initial strike up to a limit + resistance to its opposite element lowered.

WHAT THE F....??? Almost no one uses En-level I's - and now you think they're going to get in line for these???

(We interrupt this message for a PSA from Starcade:

CLEAN UP THE FUCKING RMT!! That's the fourth son of a bitch in about 48 hours on Leviathan from the same goddamned website!!!

We now return you to our scheduled programming...)

And that's apparently all for the Red Mages.


Of course, the big holding of breath is for the two new large summons...

Breaths are still being held. I begin to wonder if those new summons are EVER coming.

Basically, buff Pacts are now going to be about the area of effect of Protectra.

The buff Pact Hastega will, in fact, nullify slow when Haste itself does.

The large-scale Rage Pacts will have their damage adjusted...

And that's it -- at least for this update.



Sheez... Lame...

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