Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts on next door idiots and the version update...

First, something I know Aneiro won't like:

I don't really care for a lot of Mexicans either -- though I like the soccer... Problems can result when you get a new next door neighbor who decides that his Mexican music has to drown out the entire fucking neighborhood!!

Ever hear of headphones?? Even I have a good pair... But it's "all for us and nothing for you", right??

If I'm not in prison by FanFest, I'll probably be at the point to be banned from there for starting something there...


Anyway, on to Final Fantasy XI stuff:

The April update. Some quickie thoughts:

Crystalline Prophecy

I know they're looking at making this content group-based again (which I do not like and do not trust enough players to do so), but the new gear is quite interesting and we got some stats today!

Nuevo Coselete: DEF 49 HP +20 STR, VIT, DEX +5 each -- two more augments


There are probably three different "paths" -- probably nation-based or something (or are these choices like the rings at the end of CoP?) -- to the Crystalline Prophecy storyline (and, by the end of the three mini-expansions, they better have added enough content to equal a full expansion between them).

This sounds like a fairly good bit of tank gear for DD. Interesting on how it can be augmented to help out, but this is a good start. Judging from the list provided, they definitely want this to be high-end gear which people are going to want to obtain.

Royal Redingote: DEF 40 MP +20 INT, MND, CHR +5 each -- two more augments

75 mage jobs

It's clear they want to use this and Augments as a means to get new high-end gear that's obtainable without cheating, botting, or duping (good luck!!!). Of course, you can only have one of these items at a time (whether that means simply Rare/Ex or one of any of the three new body pieces is, as yet, slightly unclear).

And, kind of halfway in between, for the rest of the 75's:

Mirke Wardecors DEF 42 HP and MP +10 each STR, DEX, AGI +5 each -- two more augments

Not a bad start - let's see the storyline and the requirements...

For ACP: Rise of the Zilart is required. Chains of Promathia and Wings of the Goddess are, apparently, not. Might give you an idea of some of the places you need to go.

New WotG Nation Quests

Sounds to me as if "Crossroads of Time" is going to be another "In the Name of the Father", with these quests required to progress forward toward the end of the WotG storyline. Let's beat the big tree and the Battle of Jeuno first.


Depending on if they can be abused and cock-blocked by high-level players, it could be a really fun way to help people who aren't so elite to get more enjoyment out of FFXI.

Campaign-Control Notorious Monsters

Good to hear Square-Enix listens on one thing: This means that areas under control of a nation of the Allied Forces will be able to spawn NM's specific to that area. This makes control of areas actually important, so you "Max out my XP and fuck the Crystal War" fuck-tards can kiss our asses.

Fields of Valor expands to Zilart areas and diversifies (and NM's of it's own!)

Not only do we add Zilart areas to Fields of Valor, but also each area which has Fields of Valor will now have a Training Manual for each zone in the area, so you don't have to go to Valkurm to get a La Thiene training regime.

Also, for certain costs, you can do NM's here as well -- one question will be how levels will be limited, etc.

Gobbiebag expansion to the final extent...

The final two Gobbiebag quests are going to be in this update, expanding the Gobbiebag to 80 items. The only thing is whether this will involve items (probably WotG/FoV NM-obtainable), NM fights, or BCNM fights... I hope it's not just "bring me four items"...

So there's a lot of material, and even more potential... But we will see...


roxya said...

I'm a "Max out my XP and fuck the Crystal War" fucktard. But since, as you noted, controlling areas is not that important right now, it doesn't mean we are fucktards.

Maybe I'll be all "Max out my AN and fuck the Crystal War" now?

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Yes it does mean you are an inconsiderate fucktard.

Makes me wonder what else you do to compromise the game...