Sunday, March 29, 2009

A small update, and a little note I wrote for the Special Task Force...

First things first:

Really didn't get that far this week. No levels, that I remember.

Basically did some Campaign Ops that I've never done before, planted the Cerrunos Bulb, gotten 2 more DRG merits and almost a third, several quests which had been hanging for a while...

Wed. Dynamis: Sandy. Not going to be able to finish Wed. Dynamises for some time, but did help in a very effective win.


Well, needless to say someone has to poke Square-Enix with The Sharp Stick again. Two more RMT fuckwads from that same website got nailed again tonight.

So I wrote this, taking the website name out of it:

I've said it before -- I'll say it again.


I'm serious. Two _MORE_ SITE DELETED people were all over Leviathan tonight, and, about an hour or two after the first one went off, the second followed.

Here's a hint if you haven't figured it out yet: RMT has adjusted their strategy to remain one step ahead (at least!) of Square-Enix. They do not give a damn about losing individual characters. That strategy does not work anymore.

It is time to go after the damn websites.

It is time to go after the damn websites.


Clear enough for you? Your company just got a six-figure judgement against several companies illegally selling swords similar to ones in other FF games. Why you can't go after these websites is beyond me.

And if you truly cannot, then it's time to throw in the towel and legalize RMT. I said it.

Any action which does not shut down the _company_ behind these organized RMT rings like SITE DELETED will fail. WILL fail.

Or are you too damn scared, like you are about the bots and third-party software you're supposed to be banning people over (which has gotten so bad that some of these bots are almost certainly polluting the connection on _your side of the equation_), that if you actually try to enforce your rules, you won't have a game left because so few people play legitimately??

Wake up and smell the coffee. Ban botters, sue RMT out of existence, or do yourselves a real favor and devote all your energies to making Rapture robust and pull the plug on what is, more and more, becoming a freaking farce!


And that's not even The Letter, which is sitting, completed, in my computer, awaiting if I can find an actual place to send the whole damned thing.

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