Monday, March 9, 2009

If people think they've been pissed off about me before...

... this isn't going to help matters.

I've removed all the Favorite Links from my blog, because, frankly, of a letter I received about my feelings about race and culture peppered throughout this blog.  Aneiro, fine.  They're gone.  Perhaps they should just send a letter to Square-Enix to have me banned because of it too.

If you've got a problem with me being racist because I'm sick and tired of the culture I see (whether it be the black hip-hop culture, the white people wanting to be black, the American gamers I'd like to take a small thermonuclear bomb to if I had the chance, or whatever...), then call up Square-Enix and have me tossed.

I'm done being "tolerant" simply to be politically correct.  And if you want nothing to do with me as a result, fine and so be it.

I do not respect people -- largely because I know (before I get started with people) that I will not be respected in return because I don't bend over and kiss people's asses and subserviate myself to the popular or physically dominant culture.  I don't bend over and "respect and represent" because of the fact that I could be threatened at every turn by bunches of people (of many races -- some wanting to be others) who don't care about anything more than throwing their crap music down our throats at earthquake levels and the like.

(And I've been attacked on more than one occasion because I'm the first "White Boy" some punk idiot has wanted to jump...)

You don't like how I look at people differently for their culture.  Kill me or get off my back, because I can tell you that's what IS going to happen once a lot of this "thug life" becomes more prevalent in society and can't be dealt with anymore.

I know I'm a Dead Man Walking.  I get that.  And I figure it's either going to be because of some of these thugs (of whichever culture of such you choose), or it's going to be because the cops finally have to shoot me first.

If you feel insulted by that, good.  Maybe it might get you to take a look at things.

I'm done respecting a culture which breeds the likes of Chris Brown, TO, Michael Vick, etc. and so forth.  The black hip-hop "me-first" culture is a violent culture which needs to be dealt with on a cultural level or their violence is going to become accepted and reinforced.

I'm done respecting a (different) culture which breeds the likes of these people who believe it necessary to cheat the fuck out of this game and spit in the face of anyone who demands otherwise.  That "me-first" culture has killed Final Fantasy XI -- made it unplayable.

I would rather be banned from Final Fantasy XI for my political views and for the willingness to express them (or, at minimum, be shunned as THE Most Hated Person in Vana'diel) than be forced to accept a culture (these or others) I find reprehensible.

I hate everybody, when it comes right down to it.  I hate the hip-hopper thugs, I hate the American cheaters, I hate the steroid pigs, I hate the Wall Street sows...

I just wonder how a lot of those who don't like me coming out and saying it would think of a certain Dr. William Cosby right about now...


David Miscavige said...

you are a sad sad individual

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

If that's the case, you ain't seen anything yet.

You might do well to petition Square-Enix to have me forcibly expelled from FFXI.

David Miscavige said...

What purpose would that serve?

It's clear you're so unhappy at this point, why not take a break?

Do you enjoy playing?

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Because simply "a break" is not going to do enough, unless Square-Enix wants to kick about half the players out of the game.

No, I do not enjoy FFXI anymore. Haven't for some time... But the ONLY reason I still play is because I don't want to give you cheating fucktards the satisfaction of driving another player from the game.

It's clear they want Vana'diel all to themselves.

ixthyse said...

If you don't participate in endgame(outside of dynamis), whether or not you quit the game is somewhat inconsequential to the "cheating fucktards"

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

I disagree.

It's clear that these children want their sandbox to be theirs and theirs alone, and people like me are a problem to them (whether they choose to admit it or not), because if Square-Enix gets embarrassed outside of the game sphere, they might get smacked down.

My presence is a threat to them (and it may be even more than that very soon).