Thursday, April 9, 2009

A first addendum to The Letter (about RMT), and who's the freaking Greedalox now, Square-Enix???

Square-Enix, I made one severe mistake in The Letter -- posted, as promised, as the "Light Reading" before the update.

(And I was going to write this even before I caught wind of how much it's going to cost you to actually upgrade the Gobbiebag to 80 items.)

Square-Enix is losing the fight against RMT, hardcore, now. Short of abolishing the 14-day trial or moving it to its own server, the gil sellers are actually winning, being able to inundate players with spam tells without a care in the world. Delete our characters? Here's 100 more!!!

And then we get to the update and the Gobbiebag quests...

By my rough math, upgrading on Leviathan runs somewhere between 1.1 M and 1.3 M.

That's million...

I've heard some estimates that the eight items are going for around 2 million.

The gil sellers (and their friends who are farming one of the main items for the craftables you need for this) have got to be licking their chops.


Evilpaul said...

The Gobbiebag upgrades "only" cost 1.7mil on Hades.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Yeah, "only"... My point is made.

And, to my understanding, one of the items basically requires an RMT staple to create.

Nice job trying to keep RMT under control, Square-Enix...