Sunday, April 26, 2009

A small update, and BluGartr is turning into shit...

Oh, I read the freshest one today...

But, before I do that, I might as well let you guys know what's been going on...

Bit of an interesting week. Finished Bastok Rank 10 on Sunday morning last, then basically got the word, over the course of the week, that our Dynamis LS was diversifying a bit.

We're now doing Moblin Marble farming runs on MMM, we're doing ANNM's every once in a while, and maybe getting into ZNM's as well.

As a result, on the side, I started some Pankration and some Zeni farming to get ready for the time that I might head into ZNM's.

Dynamis Sunday: Xarcabard farming. UGH!!! Sleep nerf really has sucked the life out of Dynamis.

Wednesday: Sandy. Win. Not sure how.

NIN got to 25, as I want to try to get it to 37 eventually because it seems that the leet just need to /NIN.

Sinval has been trying to get CoP 4.2 going -- no success.


Speaking of what leet absolutely needs, I must've read the most arrogant single forum post in the history of Final Fantasy XI. Sure, it's his LS and his forum (and, though I have an account, I don't post, and, now, refuse to...).

I want you to catch this gem from Sonomaa at

The moderators can now ban, if your post is crap, you will be banned for an amount of time the moderators will now decide.

Keep your topics and posts in line with being end game elite level players and stop all the bullshit.

How about making your fucking forum into something that end-game elite players (there's an oxymoron if I've ever heard it -- more on that in a second) might actually be proud of...

Frankly, if BluGartr is any indication, to be an "end game elite level player" in Final Fantasy XI would entail being an arrogant idiot stroking your e-peen while you got yours while you took it from everyone else.

(So why do I read it? Cheating recon for STF reports...)

I mean, here's the reason I truly believe Square-Enix has been so silent on many affairs and really refuses to talk further about things like AV: They can't fucking entrust you to kill more than bees in Gustaberg without botting, cheating, or Windower.

To be an "end game elite level player" probably requires at least a half a dozen violations of the Terms of Service. It probably requires Windower, several illegal add-ons, several illegal tactics, and every ninjar trick in the book...

You see, this is why they laugh at me because my gear is so gimp: To get the "end game elite level player" gear, you almost have to cheat.

I went through this "you must cheat to win" bullshit in Magic: The Gathering, and that's one of the reasons I quit (as both a player and a judge).

This is one of the reasons I solo: I don't trust most of the players not only not to cheat, but to take the rest of the group down with them, as if it is the "end game elite" thing to do to torpedo everyone else.

And since people take their affiliations more importantly than their principles (that's you, Pet Food Cheater), I can see why much of FFXI falls short these days...

So, basically, the rule in Advanced of BluGartr is either to suck Sonomaa's (or the other mods, if they need some "service") dick or get banned.

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Volkai said...

So don't read BluGartr.

Problem solved.