Sunday, April 5, 2009

An interesting week... Next week's the update...

Too many more of these weeks (speaking RL, more reading the news and the latest massacre bodycount), and I'll start wondering if I'm one of the saner ones...

As for the game:

Sunday Dynamis:  Jeuno, win.   Blah on drops.

Wednesday Dynamis:  Partial run on Windurst before my roommate needed our network's undivided attention.  Low-manned as it was (I think we were barely at an alliance -- no word on win...)

Thursday:  One of our other Dynamis LS BSTs decides to get together a BST BC run in Qu'Bia, and I also add the Clash of the Comrades BC to that alone.  Memo to Square-Enix:  MORE SOLO BCNMs PLEASE!

Basically, then I found out that Bastok on Leviathan had taken control of Sarutabaruta!!!  SWEET!  (And embarrassing for the little taru brats from Windy...)  So got that OP warp done.

Then, decided, as a project to do before the update (which might get some "light reading" on the blog, if I decide to finally post it...), start levelling some low-level jobs to 15.  BRD and COR done, SAM next.

Update is Wednesday, should be interesting...  *smirk*

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