Thursday, April 9, 2009

More things that will piss people off about the update...

Round 2: Goblins in the areas around Jeuno, and pop items to pop Goblin NM's to complete the second play mission of ACP. Wheeee... 1/14 in Batallia. Now 0/10 in Rolanberry, and at least 8 people were here at 2:13 AM PDT running roughshod over the goblins near Jeuno in Rolanberry. It's now 2:36. I'm just waiting for the bot-shit to start here too. (And, according to one reporter, it already has!!)

Finally, SIXTY-SIX MINUTES after I entered Rolanberry -- 1/20. Square-Enix, you are going to be in for one fucking nightmare of a weekend if you think this is going to stand.

Update: 4:16 AM. I give up for the night. 0/20 in Sauromongue, and then I have to go through the past to get to this ??? if I ever do get the pop item, and THEN a mandy fight that might not work...


Who the fuck do you think we are, Square-Enix???

Let's see: Banging on Fortifications in Campaign now USELESS. Capped at about 20 XP.

GOOD! Finally... Now people won't be doing that anymore, and will actually pay attention to taking on the actual opponents. I can't tell you how many times I've been in Campaign, trying to actually take on a mob while shouting to the others to get off the Fort.

Now, no one will actually be on the Fort anymore, without going to Slaughterhouse or somesuch...

I'll edit this more later, but just to get some of it out there.

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