Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They have turned normal beastmen into camping situations, I see...

As I just said in-game, GOOD GRIEF!!

The first ACP mission (well, the second -- the first is just the opening cutscene when you zone into Lower Jeuno) has turned Pashhow Marshlands into a campsite.

As in, everybody is trying to kill every Quadav so that the key item that they need can drop to them so they can advance the ACP storyline.

(And the same probably goes for the Orcs in Jugner and the Yagudo in Meriphataud. At least I was 1/2 in Jugner. I'm 0/6 as of the moment, and completely cock-blocked from finding any open Quadav at this point.)

Nice design. Can't wait to see the bot-masters (which probably aren't out yet) completely cock-block this shit for their own entertainment. Nice design, idiots...

(Finally got the Pashhow one, on edit... 1/11 -- whoopeee!!)

(And about 1/6 on the Yagudo in Meriphataud. But done with it -- off to Qufim, and the next mission.)


Kimiko said...

Personally, I'm going to wait a few days and let the rush die down a bit. What I'm more p.o'ed about is their choice of items for Gobbiebag X... nice job screwing those of us that don't endgame for a living.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

It sounds to me like they've done that for both IX AND X.

That one of those items is essentially a craftable so that you have to be a crafter to actually get a full gobbiebag now.

Almost requiring people to get that damn Security Token to get expanded space.