Saturday, April 18, 2009

An interesting week -- not necessarily a _fruitful_ one...

So, now that I finally have the Security Token (more like "now that I finally have the Mog Satchel"), let's see how this week went between confrontations with the local authorities (and I just saw another one just minutes into writing this post -- hey, they want to "beautify" us out of Riverside, and we'll push back, hard):

Sunday Dynamis: Windurst. Win, though, as seems usual for our crew, God only knows how. :)

Wednesday Dynamis: Only could be there for part of it again -- Jeuno. By about 90 minutes in when I had to leave, NO AF had dropped, I got no coins, and the linkshell, eventually, ended up not winning. We know there has been a somewhat significant upgrade in the monsters (especially vis-a-vis how they deal with Sleep effects) since the version update. But the run was not productive anyway, and apparently didn't go that well after I had to leave.

Wednesday-Thursday: So, when I get back after I had to go to help my friend, I go to Whitegate and find out that someone is actually calling for the Cerunnos fight. I'd been stuck there for some time as far as the WotG materials went, so I decided to go along (I had already planted the bulb and was just doing the NM fight.)

We eventually got five together (and, thank you, though I do not have your names remembered -- sorry), and, after one mess-up and wipe (with some job changes), we felled the big tree and I now am at the Battle of Jeuno. Actually tried it solo the first time (got further than I thought I would -- the fact that only the NM (or DoT effects) can finish off the main generals of the fight may have had something to do with that), and it's a fun fight -- just going to have to see if I can find more to eventually do that and get caught up.

Thursday-Friday: About at that point, Sinval is calling for the Ouryu fight. (About the only name I remember from a lot of people getting out and actually trying to do something this week...) Problem is: TWO two-hour waits later, I'm still waiting. He feels bad, but, let's face it: Anyone around this game for any length of time knows that people don't really care anymore about anything that doesn't benefit them. I mean, there's not one PLD left who needs 4.2??? He'll get in touch in a few days (he doesn't want to leave us all hanging)... Sinval and a couple others are trying to get Sea access from the CoP line (which would require getting us through Sacrarium, Three Paths, Airship....)

Friday: Just about the moment that Sinval calls off the dogs, I get a tell from Illuminati -- he needs someone for Bastok Mission 7.2. Yeah, the good old Bastok nation storyline I haven't finished yet. That goes swimmingly with our party of four, and then we do 8.1 -- damn Anticans with Spectral Jig going down and all... 8.2 follows, and then we call it off for the night.

Had my friend not been called in to work on an emergency, I wouldn't be posting from here at the library -- I'd probably be doing 9.1 (the plasm fight) right about now.

So, an interesting week...

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