Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another week in Vana'diel finished...

And for my 100th post (including a few from a previous iteration of the blog):

31 NIN (goaling for 37 and Ni), about 80K in updated gear in a hole in my gear that I haven't filled in a while, and, really, not much else level-wise (working, between ACP runs, on my dagger skill to help NIN, THF, and DNC).

Sunday: Snow (Beaucedine). Won. A few drops. Nuttin for me.

Wednesday: Jeuno. Had to leave before it got too interesting. Sounds like we were going to get a win. Nuttin for me.


And I didn't play as much as I'd probably like later in the week. Thursday and Friday, just a little tired of it.

Saturday afternoon, our fucking apartment-mates in the complex decided to fuck up the entire complex -- AGAIN. This happens about once every other week.

We live in a complex which was probably built in about 1950 or something. Without going into too much detail, there are circuit breakers for the different apartments (and, for the larger ones -- including mine and my roommate's -- several) if the power should ever be compromised.

These fucking dickheads decide that, when their power goes out, fuck the entire complex, we're just going to flip EVERY GODDAMNED SWITCH IN THE PLACE!!! Including ours, EVEN THOUGH OURS ARE CLEARLY MARKED.

Oh, fuck that at least two apartments damn near lost $2,000 computer systems apiece -- my roommate being one of them!! (The other was an apartment on the other side of the complex, NOWHERE NEAR the same breakers -- the fuckers just decide to fuck everybody by flipping every switch.)

This gets much worse (or my roommate loses her computer), I'm going to live on the streets again, because you don't fuck over someone who has absolutely nothing to lose, and the only person waiting for that person is now waiting in the next life.

Police raids in the area of my apartment complex to run out ne'er-do-wells have become at least a nightly occurrence. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING SLUM HOTEL. (And that doesn't even count the $200 ticket I've got for this bitch pig deciding he wanted to be smugger-than-thou and shoot his mouth off while I continue to make ends meet without having to rob a bank or something. He's lucky I'm not doing 3-5 right now... They probably are going to have to incarcerate me at the hearing for the ticket. So if I disappear for quite a while shortly after the 1st of July...)

I have to put up with so much shit to even help my friend pay her rent, knowing that, someday, one of us is going postal. It's the same goddamned thug-first attitude which has sunk endgame in FFXI (Kimiko did an outstanding piece on this -- "This is not advanced." ( It's the same goddamned thug attitude which bullies use to psychologically drive their victims psychotic.

(And it's now been clinically established as such too.)

When I get the occasional interruption on FFXI (which will happen), I'm more worried someone out in the complex is fucking around. If it's just a bork in the wireless -- no harm, no foul. You should see some of our Dynamis runs with people disconnecting.

But, keep it up world, and the cops better bring the guns out on at least one of us, if not both.


Anonymous said...

Wait so you said Kimiko is your friend and even support her. Yet, you hate cheaters who abuse game mechanics and use the 3rd party windower and its tool like plugins.

Isn't that the recast plugin on Kimiko's blogs video section?

You are extremely conflicted on your moral standings in my opinion, it makes you not as creditable person now. Is you blogs integrity compromised?

If they are your friends its all right to back them up. This part I agree.

But you seem to have based your entire blog(at least the FFXI portion and friends associated with it) on this corruption that is occuring in the player base.

I'm all for standing by my friends. But I'm not going to keep quiet if they say, killed someone. I'll more then helpfully talk them through it and support them well they are in jail until/If they get out.

But you seem to make like anything happens, anything at all, you'd sweep it under the rug and forget about it. Or rather, ignore it as if it never happened.


In this world, people lie, or cheat, or abuse; call it what you want. The imperfect soul is what makes every human being beautiful.

To be Perfect is to be a walking Sin.

I am not a perfect being, I can point out my flaws, mostly geared towards conflicting issues I cause(socially) with my intense and nearly impossible urge to be a know it all; dissect everything. Love of taking it apart and wanting to rebuild it better then what others think. I accept it.

Can you Accept that your standings in these matters could be considered, flawed?

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...


I said Kimiko had an outstanding post there.

The fact is that I do believe I am the ONLY Blogger in the entire TTTO (and, if I'm not, I am sure I will be corrected) who doesn't use illegal plug-ins and the like.I just think you're trying to, through comments like yours, JUSTIFY the cheating as "So many people do it that anyone who tries to rail against it cannot stand, because they are so far out on an island, they might as well not be playing..."

If it's that bad and can't be dealt with, shut the damn game down -- for people like Kimiko, in that regard, should not be allowed to do it.

-- Side Comment --

Take the Anniversary Event/Mog Tablet Quest which is about to start.

Didn't take those fuckers at BG one page and a half (that bot offer at the top of page two I won't quite seriously until I see how quickly the Tablets get scooped up...) to propose various ways to pollute the process. I hope all the available JP and EU GM's are available. I fully expect the Tablets to be scooped up on most servers before dawn PDT.

-- End Side Comment --

I don't "back Kimiko up" on anything but the post. Kimiko is one of the few people I can have a sane talk with about this.

But Kimiko is a cheater -- yes. Windower needs to be banned, for the good of those players who still play on the PS2 and XLax CrashBox 360.

But so are so many people that, as Hohenheim proposed in our talk several days ago (to which I point you back to the blog post talking about it), I believe you are trying to justify the cheating as an "everybody does it, so you can't enforce the rules, or (as a player) demand their enforcement" motif.

It is situations like which you propose that I do this.

The only "flaw" in my stand, in that regard, is that we may well be beyond the point where the horse is out of the barn.

At that point, stop pimping out the dead whore, Square-Enix, and kill the lame horse which is FFXI.