Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend update, and some random thoughts...

So, another week in Vana'diel... Bleh...

My arms hurt from helping my roommate out yesterday (and if you think for one second I wouldn't do it again tomorrow, you're crazy -- but if that bitch bus driver we got yesterday really wants to start something, I'll end up in prison. That's twice in three weeks the assholes running Riverside, CA have made me want to go to prison by either punching out a cop or a bus driver -- I don't think I'm making it through the summer without handcuffs)...

And that says nothing for FanFest, should I get that far... Although it sounds like the Swine Flu pandemic is going to cancel most of my travel plans for most of the summer...)

That said, in game:

Sunday Dynamis: San d'Oria. Kiana, our fearless leader, had video card problems and could not make the run. We did, however, have a backup main assist and hierarchy, and made it through quite nicely.

Wednesday Dynamis: Bastok, for the first time in a little while. Full moon seemed to help with the drops while it was in effect, but I had to leave because of roommate's projects before I could grab any wootz or anything like that (I already have my two 65+ job relics from Bastok.)

62 RDM, 28 NIN (heading for /NIN at 37). 2nd Spirit Link merit on DRG (6th L1 total).

Kiana has been running side marble-farming runs to Moblin Maze Mongers I've been taking part in.

When the stuff hasn't been overfarmed, been cycling the ACP Key quests.


Some random thoughts over the web of Vana'diel and FFXI:

-- I stopped listening to Pet Food Cheater after the assholes decided that Chinchilla was more important than taking any degree of a stand against cheating. I also am gravely disappointed that PFC got a spot on this farcical Podcast Tour which basically is not much more (at least on first glance) than a bunch of ego-stroking on the part of not only PFC, LBR, and HSSS, but on Square-Enix' end too.

I may decide to listen and to post a blog post on my thoughts on the Community Site episode that SE did with Pet Food Cheater this week. That is if I can stomach PFC without wanting to put my fist through my computer (or Fusionx!).

I stand by my earlier assertions: This is nothing more than a PR move to basically stroke egos of a company that doesn't really care about the player base. (And is even more scorned by it!) I think they refuse to see the real problems in Vana'diel and realize that they need to either take Vana'diel seriously or blow it up.

I stopped having fun in this game months ago. FFXI only serves as a backdrop to other things I do on the Internet, just to pass time so I don't bust heads RL. I only remain in this game to spite the cheaters and thugs which populate it.

-- Why the bastards don't just legalize RMT and be done with it, at this point, is beyond me. Got another tell from that same damn website this week. I almost am at the point to ask one simple question...

Square-Enix, why the fuck should I play by the rules, since it is to my grave detriment, in this game, to do so?

I mean, I started to think of something during the Wednesday Dynamis... Why hasn't someone figured out a way to tamper with the lot system, especially with the importance it has in the advancement of characters through endgame?

-- I think Sinval has given up trying to look for a CoP 4.2 group... Of course, he'd almost have to pay a PLD a pretty gil for even attempting it anymore.

I'll think of more later...

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