Sunday, May 17, 2009

A couple strong highlights in a rather boring week...

Didn't get to play as much as I might otherwise like, but when I find out my friend helped raise almost $2,000 in an online Relay for Life event (HUZZAH!), I know that, when my friend is working, it's time for me to get out of the way.

As for what I was doing when I was in people's way in Vana'diel this week:

NIN 33 -- and a big highlight Thursday night as my ACP Level 30 Key drew the big prize:  Utsusemi: Ni -- and that's 450,000 gil I won't have to spend in about 3 levels.

I probably am about to lose my highest Campaign medal, but, until they get the next tier going or such, of what worth, really, is it??

Dynamis:  Wednesday:  Didn't go, didn't find out where or how it went.

Sunday:  Snow (Beaucedine).  Win.  And the BST drop as well, uncontested.  So now I have both my 75 jobs already scored in Snow, and I think DNC too.

This week?  Not sure.  Might actually take a trip, might not...

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