Friday, May 8, 2009

The game just _might_ get a little fun with this new twist...

How about a quest with some real decent rewards...


And how about even more awesome rewards for 11 lucky adventurers a week??

Got your attention?

Sounds like Square-Enix took all the creativity they should've put into ACP and put it into a new permanent cycling quest to kick off with the Anniversary Event starting on the 12th.

There are three phases to the quest:


The Mog Tablet quest will have 11 secretly-placed Mog Tablets set out throughout the original and Zilart zones in Vana'diel -- think of it as an extension of Fields of Valor, if you will.

The Tablets will be well-hidden so they cannot be chased by chocobo, but will be found by any adventurer getting close enough. It will appear, at least in the promotional material, as a "sparkle", similar to the Seed Afterglows in Fei'Yin and the stones in Delfkutt.

Only one Tablet will be in each zone. Only 11 zones will have Tablets.

Acquire a Tablet, turn it in, and you get two WONDERFUL prizes.

The first is an XP ring.

But not just ANY XP ring.

Think DOUBLE XP, for up to 24 play hours, up to 6000 XP bonus.

And you get 11 charges out of it. SIXTY-SIX THOUSAND bonus XP.

The second is an unannounced prize, but each zone will have a specific prize for the person turning in the Tablet from that zone.


The bonus for everyone on the server activates when all 11 Tablets are found on a server. For one week RL, 11 "Super Kupowers" on a list can be activated.

During normal play, 3 of those 11, randomly determined, will be in effect.

During the Anniversary Event, when this starts, ALL ELEVEN SCORE.

One makes all the Outpost Teleports FREE.

Three impact players under Signet. (a long overdue situation, with bonusses applying to Sigil and Sanction)
-- One allows for increased ability to gain battle skills.
-- One allows for Regen AND Refresh (usually, two separate effects).
-- The third allows for Gilfinder and Treasure Hunter to be in play for all characters under Signet.

One decreases the losses for failed synthesis.

Four impact the rate of drop of Treasure Caskets
-- Bastok area
-- San d' Oria area
-- Windurst area
-- Outlands/North area

One allows for teleports between the cities and the remote towns of Selbina and Mhuara.

And the last one allows characters with full HP and MP to move SIGNIFICANTLY faster.


Once the week's bonusses expire, a period of down-time, not announced, will ensue before the quest starts again with 11 new Tablets.




And imagine what it's going to be like when ALL ELEVEN of them get in play.

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