Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of week update, and some odds and sods...


Sunday: Forgot -- I think it was a fail when we agged the Death House in Windy again.

Wednesday: Birthday for my roommate = did not attend Xarcabard farming.

24 PLD, 16 SAM (working on some other jobs), 64 DNC (woo hoo)


Couple of thoughts:

Lots of credit card fraud, it sounds like, at Square-Enix.

A lot of people probably didn't like that LM-17 action (and I think it could've been declared quite a bit differently), but Square-Enix has apparently lost enough money to credit card fraud and has decided to basically check everybody's cards, essentially.

... starting with the ones with previous chargebacks.

My main concern is whether they will end up finding that a lot of these were those same RMT fuckers who CONTINUE TO SPAM OUR TELLS.

What, does Square-Enix get a kickback from certain RMT and expel the rest???

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