Friday, January 15, 2010

Good News, Bad News kind of day...

Yo, to the last person who I just rejected:

Just because you try to insult me twice with nothing to add to the conversation doesn't mean the second comment (identical to the first) is going to get approved.

And as glad as you are that I'm off Leviathan, I'm twice as glad to be off that server. See my "Good News" for yesterday as an indication, twit.

Yo, Kaliboi:

Fuck thyself. We're trying to win the damn battle, last I checked.


OK, those flames out of the way:

The Bad News for Thursday (Other than my roommate losing a Net project, at least temporarily, because of some stupidities with those running the project (or is it ruining it??):

Starcade has paid 20,000 gil.
Starcade gains Temporary Effect: Inventory Space -10.
Starcade soon to gain 1 item: Shadow Lord Statue.

The Good News was about an 8-hour session yesterday afternoon and evening.

Those of us in CloakAndDagger were discussing Zilart, for some odd reason, and at least 3-4 of us hadn't really started it. I was on ZM3, and we got Firekiss, Kimiko, and two others to join us. Kimiko already has Sky access, but decided to at least get us ZM4 and ZM5. Firekiss couldn't stay til the end, and got as far as beating the Delkfutt fight.

But, yesterday, I went all the way from ZM3 to Sky Access in one sitting.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go to bed.

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Bryan said...

DNC absolutely crushes ZM. Bring along a buddy and you should be completely set. I can't remember how hard ZM4 was, as my friends dragged me along when I was still DRG50something. But after that, it's pretty smooth sailing. If you've got 3 people, you should have no problem finishing all of it in a couple hours. Did all of it with DRG and DNC, and I think the last BC with a WHM too.