Monday, January 11, 2010

Haven't posted in a while...

Just not much to talk about in the last few days (the first few days of 2010 -- God, it's like this first couple of weeks has just flown by (was at a convention last weekend and it felt like Friday and Sunday were next to each other...).

Anyhoo, quick updates:

DNC Merits are now at Step ACC 4, Rev Flourish 4, No Foot Rise 2, Closed Position 2. (Goal is all 4 at 5)

Crafting: Alchemy is roughly at Fewell level, which is where I wanted it. Cooking is at 28.

Not many other levels... Been a little burned out from Bah Humbug...


Couple of other things:

1) Mark McGwire, take your steroid-ridden ass out of our sight.

2) Sounds like the league does want Brett Favre to get another ring. How much more blatant of a face mask do you need to call it? Not quite as bad as The Tuck Rule, but CLOSE...

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