Friday, January 29, 2010

Things which want to make you scream:

1) All the people claiming they were one number away. I got my Shadow Lord Statue and wasn't close to anything else.

2) UIA messiness. 1/3 on runs this morning. The two DD were not quite up to enough speed (and didn't have RR on either -- neither of them) to get it done. And still I almost got my run -- I was like one more spell away and my feet were like cement and couldn't run fast enough.

3) CoP 4-3 is a bitch. All the Fomors, and we got out with only a minimum of deaths. Still, though...

So, we'll be on 5-1 (Promy-Vahzl) when we reconvene sometime in February, schedules being a problem before about the 8th to get enough of us together.

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