Friday, January 1, 2010

Here's a hint for you BG Windower/FFACE cheating scum, free for the New Year...

Sounds like the theme of 2009 has started into 2010.

I go to BluGartr for the regular comedy, and am not disappointed to see that one of the (if not THE) major assister for developers of ILLEGAL ADD-ONS to an ILLEGAL THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE versus FFXI.

I state these for emphasis. The people who made Windower are scum. The people who use it, not much better.

And now you're surprised that not only is the person who is putting out this ILLEGAL assister for ILLEGAL software (and probably criminally as such, too...) effectively charging you for his service, but is now taking an important piece of your account information and storing it, perhaps for nefarious use??

Here's a hint, free from me, for 2010:

How about you just not play with any fucking third-party software whatsoever and play with the only legal modes involved in Final Fantasy XI? Or would that be too much for you fuckers?

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