Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Important stuff, lost in all the Twitter-cheese...

As I said in my Twitter this afternoon:

Can anyone tell that I'm learning how to use the stupid thing? Never was a big fan of it, but if I get a Chocobo Beret out of it, so be it... :)

Not today, though. Couldn't do the first three -- overslept the first, the next two my roommate was working during. And then the fourth one came while we were talking.

Couldn't get on til 3:05 and the answer was RIGHT IN THE DAMN WIKI.

And THEN, my "Twitter for Dummies 101" session began:

My first attempt at submitting the answer got both the response thing and the hash wrong (inserting spaces)...

Only saw the hash error, corrected it, resent, goof #2.

Then I saw the response error (where you have to send it), corrected IT, but failed to correct the hash... Error #3.

THEN I finally got it right -- but the thing was that it was already about 3:05 before I started that mess... So no Beret for me today, I would not think.

(Especially because you could find the answer to the last one right in the FFXI wiki.)


But, in burying the Twitter full of that cheese, something happened last night that I put it in:

For the last several weeks, six of us (probably, more, four, with two people who have already completed CoP) were doing a static to get the rest of us Sea access.

Well, last night, we finished it off, AND got 8-1 (which gives us Palace access) and the first Al'Taieu map done too. Of course, half of them were dead in the water by the time we were done.

Congrats and thanks to:

Keichan (our fearless leader, already done with CoP)
Medicinebox (who I think also was done with CoP)
Alohilani (who only wanted to do the Airship fight, but stuck it out for us, because...)
Razuka (...who we were hustling to get things done for, because his wife is back and his playtime is going to go down, so we tried to finish this for him, at least to Sea access, quickly)

Anyhoo, Sea is incredible to look at -- and the agg dynamics are just SICK... (UFO's you can't go below or you get agg, blue "Sharks" you can't go over or you agg, and all these pink things which are following you (but NOT agg-ing), just waiting for you to decide to jump them...)


So that's Sea and Limbus access. Congratulations and Thanks all around!!

And today Square-Enix finally announced the (mid-)March FFXI version update.

Unlike most of the hype sessions, most of the main announcements for this will be made in Tokyo on Sunday at VanaFest (which I will probably be on to cover, in between configuring and early play of my new PS3 I'm getting for the release of FFXIII here in the States March 9).

I would have to think we're either looking March 15 or 22 for the biggie update.

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