Monday, February 15, 2010

The Next Bonanza: Wow, some of you guys just figured this out NOW??

Dying game, etc.

DUH!!! The only reason, after most of the prominent US player base was exposed as a bunch of cheating tards 13 months ago, that Square-Enix is continuing the game is for the Japanese player-base and to get enough money to foist XIV on us.

And I still find people shocked that people see this.

I also applaud Square-Enix for basically attempting to incorporate the American player-base into VanaFest, rather than granting them the privilege of a live event which, through the American player-base's conduct, it does not deserve!

But it might be more than a dying _game_, if something Kimiko told me about in the linkshell last week is any indication:

Within about 6 weeks of the release of the Japanese version of FFXIII (I'm getting the American version, and a PS3, upon release!), Square-Enix has cut the price of FFXIII to about $40-50, about $40 less than what it was (and importer sites like the ones I visit have lowered their prices too).

This can mean either:

The game is selling so well that it's already a Greatest Hit


Square-Enix is in trouble.

I'm almost beginning to bet on the latter -- we haven't seen any real indication yet of when the Beta for FFXIV is actually going to _start_, they are definitely trying to bribe the living shit out of players to continue to play a game which the player-base has little regard for (this is, what, the second out-of-season Bonanza they've had, and the in-season one is now less than three months away?), the next version update looks on course for a minimum of _April_...

Things are not all they seem in Vana'diel, people.

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