Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well, there goes our CoP static for tonight...

Emergency All-Worlds Maintenance to be piggy-backed on Emergency Registration Server Maintenance and problems with the GM Petition Service as well.

Here's what I've been able to piece together, largely through the BluGartr syncophants:

About 2 PM PST, both the GM Service and the Registration Server reported "technical difficulties".

About 4 PM, people could no longer log in or out of the game easily, and, by the time I got home to begin farming Cluster Cores and such, I couldn't log in at all (about 5:30).

About 5:30, an emergency maintenance was declared for 7-10 PM, simply for the purposes of the Registration Server.

About 6:50, though, players were reporting that, in fact, all players were going to be thrown out for an emergency, unannounced, and what looks to be somewhat-stealth All Worlds Maintenance.

One BG poster from Garuda said that the Registration maintenance was related to Content ID's and POL accounts.

I've got a sick hunch, and I've discussed it before. Could we be looking at some forced server consolidation (with a possible side of 3PP banhammers?)?

Probably not, but this is not a good result.

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