Friday, February 19, 2010

Wild week...

My roommate's being called in tonight to work (tonight's project workers -- the loving couple who run the place -- have bronchitis and can barely speak). So, no CoP static again tonight.

Some updates on a crazy week:

1) Me:

SAM to at least 47, might try to get a couple more before the week is out.

SMN to 34.

Still about 180K from full merits on DNC.

CoP static has now finished Two of the Three Paths (Ulmia remains). Probably get that done Monday.

In a move which will almost certainly result in my roomie wanting to kill me: In response to the VanaFest Twitter Contest, I have finally joined Twitter.

Watch, all the questions will be posted when I'm asleep.

Nothing on Nyzul or Assaults this week. Really dry week...

Except for two things FFXI:

1) It is beginning to look more and more like yesterday's long emergency maintenance was the result of a DDoS attack. It looks like someone was able to get into the core POL/FFXI system and screw everything up.

2) Perhaps the reason why? There is a report out there (which Square-Enix has since debunked) that overheard one of the main Japanese makers of FFXI basically admit that once XIV comes out (still "sometime in 2010"), XI _is_ gone...

Of course, Square-Enix came out quickly and debunked it, but why (ANEIRO!!) is it so fucking ridiculous to think they'd pull the plug on XI as soon as XIV comes out???

Why, when it's been clear, through their own conduct and ignorance of the mass cheating of the player-base, that they can't even maintain ONE MMO -- and now you expect them to be able to maintain TWO?

Yeah... Really... Let's see what they claim a week from Sunday (I still think the Big Announcement will be the release date of XIV and the beta schedule, as well as a proposed end date for XI -- no new expansions, no new areas (probably not even Walk of Echoes)...), and we'll go from there.


One outside-game comment:

If you think what happened yesterday is not terrorism, you're fooling yourself.

You're fooling yourself even more if you don't think there aren't a million behind that guy in Texas, about willing to do the same thing if the situation presents itself.

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