Sunday, February 14, 2010

Something which really pissed me off this week!

Before I get to another rant:

Week in Review:

SMN 34 (finally not gimped for Besieged for the moment)

RDM 67

CoP Semi-Static: Did 5-1 and 5-2 (Promyvion-Vahzl) Monday. A start on Three Paths will have to wait til this Monday because our husband-wife team in Hawaii couldn't make it Thursday night.

Whoops, one more thing on Edit: Now a Lance Corporal for that bitch-cat with the spiky mace...


I'd like to start out with what I believe to be a very prescient quote. It was made during the heat of a very controversial wrestling angle which resulted in the classic "Montreal Screwjob" between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels (who, finally, after all this time, have personally and completely reconciled their differences over the event -- now if only we can convince that curmudgeon HHH to keep his ass out of it)...

It was during an in-ring promo when Shawn Michaels, in describing and deriding Bret Hart, pretty much described much of the American Internet "Warrior" mentality:

"I do this because I like it. You do it because -- in your mind, Mark-Man -- you really think all of this is yours!"

This isn't just a Final Fantasy XI rant about the cheaters and RMT,

This isn't just about my roommate, who just about quit her Net projects because of the griefers and those who would like to call her family and then stab her in the motherfucking back...

(And to the latter jackasses, there ain't enough of a back left to stab... Go pick on someone your own size -- very small...)

This isn't just about the asshole on the new sports board I now post to who actually revelled in the sick death of that Georgian luger.

This isn't just about the 2-chan and 4-chan idiots and the illegal-anime-downloaders and all that crap...

It's what we've become on the Internet. A bunch of little children, without accountability, who believe that everyone else's experience -- Hell, our very lives... -- belong to them!!

They don't like that I scream about their cheating, but they want to impose their style of play (and all which results from it) on the rest of us -- right down to that we aren't even worthy anymore to play THEIR fucking game!

They don't like that I have a roommate who has very few passions left in her life, but most of them are trying to create the best Net project experience she can, several times a week.

They don't like that I find it an abject sickness to see someone (even if he's doing it just to get a reaction -- and doubly worse if he IS doing it just for that!) DIE chasing their dreams and saying they deserved it because they accepted the risk -- oh, forget that the fucking track was deemed unsafe to the point that the corner he was killed off of was named "50-50", as in the odds of a fucking crash!

They -- don't -- like -- ME.

And I don't have a problem with that, because I consider the source.

You wanna know why the rest of the world pisses me off to the point that, someday, I WILL get violent??

(Like that one guy who I saw coming home tonight who just had to ask me: "What you looking at...", acting like he's all inner-city tough. He had more of my attention afterward than he did beforehand!)

Read this, from the New York Times:

When I read this for the first time, and actually was able to process it, I began to understand a lot of things...

1) They don't care if they kill people. They believe they own our very lives if we choose to basically go on their Internet without acknowledging them as the little Gods they are.

2) As the article puts it, the whole Internet seems to come down, for these little scum, to this one precept:

“If you don’t fall for the joke, you get to be in on it."

I can't count the number of times over the last 2 years that I have lived with my roommate down here in Southern California that we've seen this time and again. Never mind the grief, the harassment, the belittling because these scum (and FFXI has some of the more virulent communities of scum I've seen!) feel they "PWN" the Internet, our computers, our experiences, our lives.

3) They don't even care for their OWN lives. They feel life (as a concept) is essentially expendable. One, after one of his trolling "experiments" went awry, had to make plans for escape with a firearm because of what he has done.

When I got in trouble and got put in jail in 1998, there were people threatening my life all over the place -- one even went so far as to walk up to my apartment and try to "talk me down", and threaten me if I didn't.

These fuckers think they're Superman. (or is it Captain America?)

After reading that article, and incorporating various media from across the Net, I came to the conclusion that if people think I'm a troll, they have two options:

1) Eliminate me from the direct situation (ban from FFXI, ban from the Internet, jail sentence, what have you...)

2) Kill me -- eliminate me from it for good, this time...

And people will lol at that, saying my life simply exists for everyone else's "lulz" -- the thing is, I've learned a lot about the type of person people think I am, and it's not pretty.

The end is even less so. I look at the little "warriors" like Adam from earlier this week (and I'm still waiting for my arrest warrant, BITCH!), and all I can think is...

"One day, even if it's not me, you'll get yours..."

I don't have to "admit to" anything. I see it in the BluGartr cheater corp and their RMT specialists...

I see it in the type of people which make me not trust even getting access to Sky nor Sea (to which one of the other main members of CloakAndDagger and I had an animated discussion on why I wouldn't get at least Sky in 220 days when he did in 22...) It's not a function of that I am incapable. It's a matter of (that I don't) trust not to be in the next bit of endgame banhammerville if I am not very careful in what I do and who I associate with as a player.

But it's all about the gear and the accounts/gil that you can sell, right? (Oh, and the latter which you can have a GM rewind after you fuckers sold it!! Talk about criminal theft!!)

I see it in the little "clones" who need to "Have a take and not suck...", so they support all the criminals, thugs, and inner-city garbage heaps who have made sports abjectly unwatchable, for the most part.

You do it because -- in your mind, Mark-Man -- you really think all of this is yours!


Our lives...

The Internet and it's experience itself...

Yeah -- right...

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