Saturday, February 27, 2010

VanaFest Thoughts...

This post will be edited as news is made available, should I be awake and on the Net.


0220 PST: Nomad Mog Bonanza

Rank 5: 7

Rank 4: 68 (DAMMIT!! I had 69!!!) As many people who submitted things back in the January Bonanza saying the same thing -- well, it happened to me. Had I been born ONE YEAR EARLIER....

Rank 3: 524

Rank 2: 8447

Rank 1: 59163

Won nothing.

And the Small Onions are coming out -- about one hour left, and most of it will probably be this.

0144 PST: Special Task Force/RMT

Because RMT has been reduced, so has the server populations. (NO SHIT SHERLOCK!)

Server mergers are imminent!! MARCH UPDATE, WE LOSE EIGHT SERVERS.

They are taking 8 low-end servers and merging them with 8 mid-sized servers. Siren is not affected in any way -- but Asura is being added in to.

Here are the servers:

Sylph gets Fairy
Valefor gets Kujata
Leviathan gets Remora (Remora, I am sorry...)
The Q server no one can spell gets the M server no one can spell
Cerebrus gets Hades
Bismarck gets Seraph
Lakshmi gets Garuda
and Pandemonium drew the short straw -- they go to Asura.

New NMs coming as well.

Giant slime/clot -- huge crab!!!

New items for Feast of Swords this year.

New Mog Bonanza items -- stuff from PW probably in this as well.

More Synergy/Evolith levels and recipe are coming.

Job-specific emotes coming too...

Job adjustments:

SAM: Possibly lowering Sekkanoki so that /SAM can use it easier.

WAR: Getting some tanking abilities. (DUH! It's a _WARRIOR_!)

WHM: Possibly getting some Divine/Healing spells or more chances to cast Divine Magic.

THF: Enhancement to TH and perhaps a new steal ability is possible.




COR: 11 probably becoming more a lucky #...

DNC: New TP gain effects. And maybe FINALLY getting to cast Waltzes outside the party? YES!

BLM: Meteor up in the new level cap levels?

Moblin Maze Mongers stuff.

0137 PST: Here comes part two of the Dev Team...

March-June-September-December -- four updates planned this year.

NEW END GAME CONTENT -- Abyssea -- three new battle zones (Visions, Heroes, Scars). Three new endgame zones in an Abyssia add-on situation.

New mobs for the zones...

AF3 in Abyssea, apparently. Adventurer will focus on huge battles, etc.

Abyssea can be done with ONE party. (Please Instance this, then...)

Each update, starting in June, one Abyssea zone -- and it's $9.99/zone. (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!)

Visions of Abyssea in June
Heroes in September
Scars in December

0104 PST: Nobuo in a freaking doorag???? ROTFLMMFAO.... :) :) :)

Leading into the "Tokyo Business Men" -- who are we kidding: THE BLACK MAGES have taken the stage for FF XIV music.

0050 - 0103 PST: FF XIV Special Stage starts -- rr break rq.

FF XIV in-game video.

Beta info, apparently. They're giving first-wave preference to JP VanaFest participants for the FF XIV Beta. MARCH 11 BETA START for XIV.

0035 - 0049 PST: Job adjustments... Aiding in endgame content (not hard to see with 3/4 of all players on being 75s)

SMN: ALEXANDER -- new summon!


The two new summons -- finally revealed. ALEXANDER and ODIN (MARCH VERSION UPDATE).

Alexander's Astral Flow reduces damage and prevents status effects.

Odin's: Kills everything in AoE. NM damage depends on MP involved.

Even with that, they ONLY can Astral Flow...

PUP: Valoredge and another frame are getting more durability. Hand-to-Hand skill of puppetmaster will be A instead of C.

RNG: Possible decrease-emnity effect, or a double-damage attack that uses double the ammo.

MNK: Possible ability which would grant Subtle Blow and accuracy up in exchange for a TP and weaponskill-limiting penalty.

RDM: More enfeebling spells. (YES! More things to play with the Besieged opponents with!)

DRK: Possible adjustments to magic accuracy for dark spells, and possible ways for DRK to get MP back.

DRG: Possible fourth Jump ability, possible enhancements to Wyvern. (BLEH!)


0026 - 0035 PST: GIGANTIC NEWS:


In the June, 2010 update, the level 75 cap is finally being removed!

And, already, I can see a problem: Lots are talking about it now. There are many jobs in this game where the defining ability of the job comes at about level 40. So if we get an 80/40 situation...

NEW LEVEL CAP IS 99!!! To combat camp concerns, a variety of situations are being considered...

Oh, this could be the Big Announcement???

0020 - 0030 PST: Brand new branching quest system: Trial of the Magians.

Quests will be in a number of categories, progress in each means rewards, dependent on category and progress therein.

Appears there will be Weapon and Armor enhancements in this, and the players get to choose what statistics will be enhanced.

80 different patterns, 500 different combinations -- even Relics and Mythics are in play on this.

Magian Moogle shown in demo right about where Maat is. Mechanic appears similar to FoV weapon situations.

THIS IS NUTS!!! ("Fun" nuts, or just crazy... Not sure which.)

0008 - 0020 PST: First subject: Wings of the Goddess. Major clash in Valdeaunia, all three nations involved. Castle Zvahl (S) appears to be there for the new update. Meteor cast on San d'Oria, Atomos' ability to influence the future??

First real juicy piece appears to be that the March update will be the FINAL nation-quest storyline stuff for Wings. Items planned.

Castle Zvahl, both zones (S), probably Throne Room (S), new Campaign Ops.

Battles in Castle Zvahl (S) areas may involve the Shadow Lord himself! Sounds like Zvahl (S) will function like Oztroja (S), Beadeaux (S) and the like. You may win items, and earn a specialized weaponskill only available in Campaign...

0005 PST: Dev Team comes out for Part I of their two-part effort.


2355 PST: 5 minutes to kickoff, and decided to add the PFC/LBR audio Ustream. Might regret that decision later.

2345 PST: Poor Pikko on the JP Button thing. I have that thing in one window, I have the live stream (cycling those commercials for the last 45 minutes and the next 15) in another, this in a third, and the EN Twitter feed in a fourth.

We somehow got to the subject of Galkas in subligars, and I announced that Elmer was making me wear a subligar on his page for April Fools... (I have no freaking idea WHAT I'm going to do for April Fools to get back at Elmer for last year's shenanigans... :) )

2330 PST: JP Button is running a poll about what people are looking for on the live chat/VanaFest: 33% FFXIV, 29% FFXI, 38% both. 30 minutes to go.

2315 - 2320 PST: Elmer: "Breaking news. Starcade is upset." My response: "Since when is that Breaking News?" Event apparently doesn't start until 0000 PST Sunday morning, or 1700 JST Sunday evening.

2306 PST: Lots of ads for SE stuff: FFXIII, FFXIII OST, FFI/II for the iphone, Dragon Quest VI for the DS... Probably the same stuff they're seeing in Japan right now.

Just about 2300 PST Sat night: Essentially showtime, and the roomie is done and going to bed. Updates will continue as long as I can stay awake myself, and I've already had a long day. Let's see some real stuff in this.

Approx 1815 PST Sat night (1115 JST Sun morning)
: Just starting up a rolling blog post for VanaFest. It's been raining and we had to unplug at the apartment for a brief thunderstorm, but that's supposed to clear out of here Real Soon Now. My roommate, however, IS working tonight, approximately 1930-2300, but her work can (and often DOES) go later, so I _WILL NOT_ be on until she finishes, so don't expect me here at 2300.

VanaFest is scheduled to start at 2300 PST tonight (1600 JST Sun afternoon). You can follow it at any number of places, including a PFC/LBR Skype discussion (should slots remain!), JP Button chat, and the official at-site stream from the official POL site. Check the appropriate sites for more information.

It sounds, from Elmer the Pointy in Japan (through his JP Button chat), that Square-Enix has wanted to make it clear that this still a FF _XI_ event, though there will be "Extra Stage" for XIV. This almost certainly rules out the XIV Release Date as the "Big Announcement". Elmer actually said that, if the Announcement is a new full expansion, it may not be JUST a full new expansion.

So, I'll be back on as soon as my roommate's work permits me to. Going to play with my new toy: My refurbished PS3. (I thought to blazes that they weren't selling, but when I went to get one, a refurbished one at GameStop was all I could find.) Console works great, small interference issue worked out (nothing to do with the console), but the controller L3 and R3 buttons are a bit loose and the L3 doesn't quite center right.

So, BBL as conditions allow and news permits, and may I win the mythic polearm I want. :)

*yeah and right*

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