Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And the anniversary Mog Bonanza is announced...

Still a bit stinging about being one number away from the Level 4 on the VanaFest situation (I know L5 was the new Alexander statue, from what I heard.)

Anyway, the original Mog Bonanza is back for the "8th Vana'versary".

Inventory Space -10 effect (marble purchase period :) ) can take effect any time from the second half of May through the first week of June. Three weeks to buy the marbles this time.

Winning numbers announced June 24 (a Thursday) at 1 AM PDT.

Two weeks after that to cash in.

Many of the changes were announced or hinted at at VanaFest in February, but here's a quick peek:

L5: Addition of Alexander Statue to the "consolation prize" rank.

(Shadow Lord Statue was added to the New Year's Bonanza)

Yeesh... Almost no longer worth it for me to actually do what I've done for the Mog Bonanzas I've played which have simply been in-game: I'm almost out of prizes I actually would want that I don't already have. Maybe the Alexander Statue, but that's about it!

L4: Odin Statue the only addition. (Now I can confirm from research that it was the L4 VanaFest Nomad Mog Bonanza Prize. Why a simple storage: 4 piece would be considered on par with a Wootz Ore, a Vilma's Ring, a Yoichi Sash, or a lot of the other craftables here, I have little idea.)

(Yoichi's Sash and Vilma's Ring were added in January.)

The gil breakdown percentages for the top three tiers are the same as the January Bonanza. (An option for each of the top three tiers, again, is a share of a percentage of the total gil put in sales.)

L3: (Gil is 27% -- was about 573K in January)

Only one addition, and it's another Mog Kupon list.

In addition to that you can choose a Beaucedine Dynamis piece (Kupon B), there is now a Kupon L.

Kupon L is Sky Torques - the Jailer Torques, plus some of the Ix'Aern Vice trades (Merciful, Altruistic, and Astute Capes). So, basically, mid-level Sky drops.

L2: (Gil is 23% -- was about 4.6M in January)

No changes from January.

L1: (Gil is 50% -- the 43 winners, across all servers, could've pocketed 120,000,000+ gil each in January.)

Two additions to the Grand Prize list from January.

The first is the outright Ebisu Fishing Rod. (Two of the L2 prizes are, in fact, the two things you must get to obtain it through the quest Indominable Spirit.)

The second is the P Kupon Series. (The A Kupon Series still is up -- and that's the AV drops.)

The P Kupon Series, as proposed, is the Pandemonium Warden drops.

Hachiryu Haramaki: PW Body Piece -- DEF 52 Acc and Att + 20 Crit hit rate +5% Enhances Zanshin and the set enhances Store TP.

Nanatsusaya: PW Weapon -- Great Katana DMG 77 -- Delay 420 -- STR and DEX +7 -- makes Zanshin 100%. L72 SAM

Dorje: PW Weapon -- Staff DAM 42 -- Delay 420 -- MP +20 -- Magic Attack Bonus +25 -- HMP +10 L72 Mages

(to give you an idea of how rare this is, the Wiki page itself says that no one has ever sold this weapon on the AH)

Shenlong's Baghnakhs -- PW Weapon -- HTH DMG +21 == Delay +51 -- STR +3 -- ACC +10 -- Double Attack +1% -- Subtle Blow +3 L72 MNK and PUP

(I have seen someone try to sell this in Siren WG for 115,000,000...)

So, once again, let the drooling commence.


Volkai said...

Sorry for this being completely off-topic, but I'm curious as to your thoughts regarding Keichan's unveiling as Kaeko... though if you'd rather keep such ruminations private, I understand.

Starcade, now from Siren said...

Where, please?

I am only aware that he was, in fact, trying to level "another character" through the likes of CoP and the like, and was helping people like me and Kimiko out a lot with Nyzul and Assaults.

The problem here is that I don't know where he outed himself, or _why_?

Volkai said...

It's a very recent post.

Volkai said...

I think he revealed himself (publicly) because he was moving back to Odin and wanted to reintroduce himself to everyone he knew before the Salvage bans -- doing that, he'd almost definitely be outed by someone else if he didn't make an announcement before anyone else had a chance to.

(And apparently he goes by 'Kaea' now? *shrug*)

Starcade, now from Siren said...

I'm pissed.

You'll see the post on it later.