Thursday, April 8, 2010

So the end of the Vegas adventures lurks...

About two hours before I check out of here and three more before the bus leaves for Riverside and home...

Had a good time. Hard to believe the downtown area and the Strip are considered in the same city!!

Did about $10 of gambling on the NCAA title game (won a spread bet, lost the money line), got to talk to some people about a couple of TV shows and get paid for it, and just generally had a decent time of it.

In-game, basically did as I thought I would do. With the shitty Net connection (far worse than anything I've dealt with in previous Motel 6 stays), I decided, in the spirit of making lemonade out of life's lemons, I'd actually do some stuff that I had been neglecting because of endgame and Campaign and meriting and all that jazz.

So I took and finally got SAM to 60, BLM to 25, and SMN to 35.

Congratulations to Chaite and Alohilani, who had a scare about their three dogs in Hawaii. Fortunately, it sounds like they were recovered in the nick of time. Really sounds like a scammer almost got at least two of them killed (probably for food or something...).

Anyhow, back home and to the home network tonight after roomie work.

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